Skyler stormed into the room and threw himself onto the couch. Luke and Dane were already outstretched on it, playing super smash brothers.

"GUYS!" Skyler yelled, Almost landing on top of Dane's legs. He swiftly pulled them out of his way. He had done this many times before.

"What is it Sky, Can't you see we are Extremely busy doing... Erm... homework?" Luke muttered, his eyes not leaving the screen.

"No! No! You guys really gotta hear this! Your not going to believe it!" Skyler yelled excitingly. Dane paused the game and shot a glare at his roommate.

"What could possibly be more important then video games? Please tell me that..." His glare grew fiercer and fiercer.

"Guys, really... This is beyond amazing! The Class rep just told me this! He told me to tell you guys too!" Skyler wasn't normally this jumpy so something must have been happening.


"Dude... Mini skirt city..." A smirk stretched across his face. both of the boys looked at him.

"Uhh..." Dane and Luke were completely lost.

"You guys still don't get it?" Skyler grinned down at his to room mates, smirking. "Gentlemen, today we became the luckiest boys at Blakesdale." He said elegantly.

"Still not getting it..." Dane Muttered, his eyes filled with confusion.

"Guys... There's a Girl! Yes, I said, Girl! Coming to Blakesdale!"

"WHAT?!" both of the boys shot up from the cough. The game controller falling to the ground with a loud Clunk.

"Dude, dude, dude. Blakesdale is an ALL BOYS School! It's impossible for a GIRL to be coming! You must have heard him wrong or something!" Luke yelled, completely in denial.

"IS SHE GONNA BE HOT!?" Dane barked joyfully. Dane believed every word that came from Skyler's mouth, now and before.

"Dane! Your not actually believing him are you?!" Luke glared over at Dane who suddenly became quiet.

"Well, It's the flat out truth... I CALL DIBS! SHE'S MY ROOMMATE! HA!" Skyler laughed.


"Sure it is! I'm the only one here with room in my room! Yes! Guess who's losing their Virginity tonight!" Luke rolled his eyes.

"Can we please get back to our game now-"

"Whats her name?! What does she look like?! INFO, INFO, INFO!" Dane was getting overly excited. The controler for the game was already on the ground by now it was being kicked around viciously. Luke picked it up before anymore damage could come to it.

"Her name is Holly Adams. That's all I really got. Nothing on looks yet-"

"What if she's like... An ugly nerd?!" Dane belted out. Luke once again rolled his eyes.

"If that happens, Dane, I'm moving into your room and Luke gets a room with the beast!" Skyler laughed happily. Luke didn't seem as pleased.

"Okay, Now you guys are just sounding loony. Why in bloody hells name do you think a Girl would be coming to Blakesdale, An ALL BOYS school!" Whenever Luke got mad, His British Accent showed more then ever.

"Oh, That's the thing. Apparently there was some reason why she couldn't get into our sister school... Yeah... I wasn't really listening by that point..." Skyler pondered to himself. Trying his hardest not to look as stupid as he was seeming at this moment. "Something about Money, Or grades or something..." He sighed and blew the one piece of hair out of his eyes. "Does It really matter? It's a chick! And a Chick in our Room!"

"Gees, You're acting like a child. I might be newer here then both of you but at least I haven't gone completely gaga and Horny..." Luke said, looking back at the TV screen quickly just to make sure it didn't unpause.

"Horny's an Understatement when it comes to Sky over here-" He was interrupted. Skyler hit him over the head with a pillow.

"Yeah and like you're not! I've been cooped up in this school for 4 years! I haven't been with a girl in 3-"

"Don't you mean Four?" Luke asked.

"Nah, I had a girlfriend at my old school. She thought the whole Long distance thing would work. We ended up braking up after a while of getting sick of having to call each other every night and having nothing to talk about."

"Ah, I had a girl back home but... Over seas is a little to far for me, Thank you very much." Dane nodded respectfully at Luke, smiling childishly. Dane was always the more innocent one of the group. But then again, The definition of "[i]Innocence[/i[" Was completely different at Blakesdale than it was in the real world.

A knock on the door.

And that's when I, Holly Adams, Came into the story.

My first steps into dorm 182 And the first thing I noticed was...The place smelled like B.O. and Axe?

Ah, The Beautiful smell of boy...