First week back to school was long and boring. After last period I went back to the dorm room and got changed into more comfortable clothing. It was Friday and the guys promised me a night on the "town".

Dane and Luke said that we needed to meet in the coffee house because they had an after school film project to work on that they wanted me to be in. Something about skateboarding on campus and how it's effected their life or something like that.

Skyler, on the other hand, was no where to be seen. I hadn't seen him all day but he kept on constant communication by cell phone. He texted me all the way through until the class before last period. Knowing that he had a free then, I expected for him to be waiting for me in the dorm or something. But no. I was alone.

I texted Dane asking what I should do. He gave me a solid answer. Look for him.

I decided to not tell him to stop being lazy and go do it himself because I didn't want to mess up their movie.

There was only a few places I knew that Skyler hung out when he wasn't in the dorm. I first checked the art room and there was no one there, then the English department. Nope. Then the study hall. Not there either.

The last place I thought he would be was the makeshift skate park behind the school. And by skate park I mean dirty ally way with a ramp for packages to and from the school.

Boys can make do with whatever they had.

I started walking there, shivering as the cold winter air blew around me.


Skyler was walking back towards the dorm after his last class, looking forward to spending a night on the town with his friends. He was also excited to see if he had gotten any mid day text messages because he had left his cell phone on his bed.

He decided today to take a different path to the dorm. One that walked right past the sketchy make shift skate park that him and a few friends made up a couple of years ago. It was mid afternoon and he knew who he was going to find there.

He had a his mind set on one thing, getting to the dorm but today wasn't his day.

Earlier, he was being teased by some of the guys during gym when he wasn't making every catch during basketball, he was knocked around by the football team when they caught him doodling in the hallway and some other boys laughed at him when they caught him looking up at the clouds, admiring them.

He was a boy in love and he was losing his masculinity which terrified him.

He was done. He swore that the next person that messed with him was going to get his lights knocked out but he was trying to calm himself down as he walked quickly down the beaten path.

The ally was only a few steps away.

'Just close your eyes and pretend they're not there,' he thought to himself as his eyes began to slowly shut. Before they could, a shout was heard from inside the ally.

"Hey! Bailey! Haven't seen you around here in a while!" A boy cried out with a large smile on his face.

Skyler stopped in his tracks and turned to him, faking a smile.

"Hey Andrew, I've been mad busy with homework and SATs and everything."

The boy in the leather jacket passed his joint over to the boy sitting next to him on the curb. He stood up and walked over to Skyler, giving him a boyish hug. He wreaked of weed.

"You know us guys have been missing you out here," Andrew took a step back closer to the other boys and Skyler instinctively followed, "I bet you've been dying for a hit man. You haven't smoked in ages! Unless you're buying from someone else now..."

"No, no," Skyler said defensively, "I've just kind of stopped."

All of the other boys started laughing out in unison.


"Skyler used to be the best!"

"Remember that time he held it in for like 4 minutes?"

"Or that time he got his hands on that pipe bong?"

All of their voices echoed off the walls of the ally. Skyler grew tense.

"Well, then you must be dying for one. Come on, we've got some really good shit." Andrew waved Skyler over as he took the joint from his friends hand and held it out for him.

"No thanks. I've got some stuff I gotta do with Luke and Dane and-"

"Aw, come on man. Those straight edge pussies? What happened to the good old days when you used to hang with us? Now it's all them, them, them. Come on, for old times sake." He pushed the joint forward, closer to Skyler's face.

He could smell it now and Andrew wasn't lying, it smelled like good stuff. Skyler's body swayed a little bit forward as the aroma entered his nose but then went back to being stable as he stood his ground.

"No thanks." Skyler raised his hand up to Andrew and pushed the lit joint out of his face.

Andrew was growing impatient. His suspicions about Skyler buying from someone new were growing. He had to make sure he was still on his side.

"Those pussies have pussified you! You're like a mother fucking girl now!" Andrew's voice was started to raise as he took a long drag of the joint and then outstretched his hand again, waving the weed in front of Skyler's face.

And then, Skyler broke.

He shattered into a million little pieces.

He believed that he had lost all the manliness in him and he felt that this was the only way to win it back.

Skyler grabbed the joint from Andrew's hand, flashed him his classic smirk and stuck it between his lips as Andrew passed him a lighter.


As I turned the corner, my heart dropped. Sank deep into my check. My lungs were tight, I couldn't breath.

I stood there, witnessing something I had witnessed many times before. My cell phone that was before clutched tightly in my frozen fingers now fell to the slush covered ground.

"Skyler." The word finally slipped out. I couldn't believe my eyes.

He turned around, a joint between his lips with his classic Skyler smile. It suddenly fell to a frown as the rolled up weed fell from his lips.

He seemed to have mouthed the word 'Holly' but before he had any chance to say anything, I was already gone.

I could feel the tears running down my cheeks. Hot tears, the kind you get when you know that your heart had been split in two.

Skyler had lied to me. After I had given him everything, my friendship, my trust and even my heart, he had the lack of a heart to throw that all away.

It wasn't the fact that he was smoking weed that destroyed me, it was the fact that he lied to me. It was the fact that I believed every goddamned word that left his lips.

As I ran down that snowy path, not worrying about getting my pants wet or anything, it hit me.

I hated Skyler Bailey.