spit words out like it doesn't matter when
it really really does and he's
the one for you, he just doesn't know it yet

except he leaves and doesn't say goodbye and
he won't look at you the same way when he's
with her and they're holding hands like you did that
one time you tried so hard

boys don't know what it's like to give your
heart away again and again and
always have it given back, cold and hopeless

tough girls don't cry real tears they just
punch the walls of the bathrooms they spent
hours getting perfect in and cough and choke and
breathe their way back to life while
boys say the things they mean so much

smoothed his jaw bone like a piece of sea glass 'til
the memory was worn into your hands and
the only thing you knew was true was the way he
kissed you into reality, made the world seem so

said you were beautiful but he couldn't really be
with you 'cause he had this other girl and she
had his heart before

didn't want to give up on one thing in order to
gain something else, thought he could have both by
putting you into the category of just friends until
the day she released her hold on him and he was
yours again

except i can't handle that, can't handle the way
it burns as i swallow the idea and watch my phone as
it says call ended and it seems so perfect 'cause
i probably won't ever call him again

truth is, best friends can't be lovers and reality was
always there, beyond the romantic plot line, waiting for me
to wake up and see it

boy was never going to give me his heart, only let me see it
just for a little bit