midnight hit 37 minutes ago.

I can't seem to get real-grounded-.
(I'm always up in the clouds) it seeeeeeems.

I am ingesting sugar (for the first time
in years). and it's eating me out. (fuuuuck),
causing sections of me to be,

(I can feel the air moving in)
that's cold and carbonated.
and possible riddled with,
the love sickness.

I can rise here, grow strong.
(if I may use that word, sir? fuck..)
its got one of these sounds.
the kind I can barely stand.
(like the way you sound,
when you want me to lie to you)

but since you don't.
and since you won't.
I must say:
get. the. fuck. out.

don't make me watch the fire,
(you) burn to the ground.
don't ask me to be a part of you,
as an organ vital for loving.

it makes me hurt too much.