"Carin, can you come downstairs for a bit?" a voice called from downstairs as Carin was reading one of her many books.

"Sure daddy," she said and marked her place with a very worn book-mark, before making her way down the stairs only to find a new man wearing a suit and standing in her living room.

"You can come sit by me Carin," she saw her father sitting on the sofa.

"What is this about?" Carina sat down, but kept her eyes on the stranger.

"This is the chairman of Tamazusa Boys' Academy," her father explained gesturing toward the man. "He has come here with a proposal for you."

"A proposal for me?" Carin glanced at the man.

"Yes, Jouchi-san," the man spoke for the first time. "My name is Tsukina, Kyochi; and as your father said, I am the chairman of TBA. I would like you to come and be a part of my school this next school year."

"What?" Carin's eyes went wide. "But, TBA is an all Boys academy; it says so in the name itself. Why would you want me, a girl, to be going there for schooling next year?"

"Well, I would like to start integrating girls into the school," Kyochi smiled at her. "I have never agreed with the segregation of this elite school. Why should girls not be able to attend if they are as talented and skilled as all the boys who attend? This is why I would like you to be in the 'experiment,' so to speak, for this next year. You are top of your class and talented from what your file states. So, will you join TBA?"

"Well," Carin hesitated. She looked at her father, who looked deep in thought. "What about living conditions? I have a friend who goes there, and he says that there are dorms for people who can't commute…and I would be one of those people."

"Your living conditions will be in the dorms, of course, and you will have a female roommate. The only other girl in this 'experiment' would be your roommate," Kyochi answered.

"Could I have a few days to think it over?" Carin asked. "This is a lot to decide."

"Of course, I have other business to take care of today as well. Please, give me a call when you decide. I do hope that we gain you for this school year. Have a wonderful summer break," Kyochi handed his card to Carin before showing himself out.

Carin sat staring at the card in her hand for a long time. It wasn't until she felt the steam of something hot near her face that she jolted from her trance. She looked up to see her father smiling at her holding a cup of tea. Sighing, Carin smiled at him and accepted the cup and took a sip. It was Earl Grey, her favorite, flavored with honey.

"Thank you daddy," she said and placed the cup on the saucer on the table. "What do you think about the idea?"

"I think it is wonderful that they scouted you themselves. It shows that they are very serious about who they allow to enter the school walls. It sounds like a very elite school, and you seem to have heard of it as well. It is really up to what you think my darling daughter," her father answered before he sipped his tea.

"That is no help," Carin pouted causing her father to slightly choke on his tea before he looked away so he wouldn't succumb to her pouting. "Well, yeah, of course I have heard of TBA…Mira-kun goes there. He says that it is like a completely different world. The classes are all serious, and they can let loose all at the same time. They don't do anything too bad because the teachers stay on campus as well, but, it is still wonderful. I just don't know if I like being part of an 'experiment.' I mean, what if this thing goes badly. What then? We just go back to our old schools?"

"Carin," her father pulled her to his chest and stroked her hair. "You have to decide if the chance to do something that no one has ever done before outweighs the risk of being humiliated. You are a strong and beautiful girl who deserves the best the world can offer."

"Thanks daddy," Carin smiled then picked up her tea and drained the cup. "I am going to think about it later. Right now, I have to go get ready for our day today. We are going to the fair right?"

"Yep," he smiled, "hurry and finish what you were doing before.

Carin grinned and then bolted up the steps to her room. Going to her closet, she picked out a cotton light blue skirt with a white tank-top that she placed a shirt that the sleeves fell off her shoulders over and it was the same color as the skirt. Grabbing her shoes, she glanced at herself in the mirror. Putting her shoes down, she quickly grabbed the brush and ran it through her now unruly blonde hair. When she was satisfied, she pulled half of it up with a ribbon which allowed her swoosh bangs to stand out. She then put on her glasses, which many people told her not to wear because they covered her aqua-teal eyes. However, she thought that she looked pretty cute with her glasses on and didn't want to do what everyone else told her to. Running down the stairs, she announced that she was ready when she was at the door.

Laughing, her father came around the corner and grabbed the keys that hung on the wall. When they stepped outside, Carin sighed inwardly as the breeze touched her skin. She couldn't wait to get to the fair and see what was new this year.

"Hell no!" Rina growled and flicked some of her extremely long brown hair over her shoulder before she began climbing the steps of her large home. "I'm not going to an all-boys school! Think of the rumors!"

"Think of the publicity!" her mother barked up the steps. Only moments earlier, the two ladies were playing the parts of loving mother and daughter while Tsukina Kyochi, the chairman of the all boys' school known as Tamazusa Boys' Academy interviewed the younger of the two.

"That's all you think about!" Rina's violet eyes were ablaze with anger. "You only want our family name to become more powerful, so you can afford all of your niceties!"

"It's not all about me, you know," her mother hissed as she ran up the steps after her disobedient, but extremely brilliant daughter. "Who do you think buys the clothes on your back and the ponies in your stable?"

"Father," Rina whispered under her breath before she reached her bedroom. When she opened the door, she spotted her private maid, Eriko, setting some fresh roses in a vase on the table next to her bed. The maid froze, but then smiled at her mistress and long-time friend.

"Rina-sama-" she began, but was cut off when Rina turned and yelled something over her shoulder before slamming the bedroom door. Eriko remained quiet. Her mistress and the mistress of the house rarely spoke, but when they did it was always a huge tumult of screaming before the inevitable silence that followed.

"I can't believe her," Rina said so quietly that Eriko wasn't sure she had spoken at all. "A man came today."

"A suitor?" Eriko's green eyes lit up. Rina looked up at her friend with wide violet eyes. Eriko was certainly a man's ideal girl. She was petite with curly blonde hair and beautiful green eyes. Her temperament was sweet and always polite. Rina was nothing like that. She was raised with the proper manners, of course, but she was not anyone's woman.

"No, not a suitor," Rina chuckled a bit at her friend's innocent happiness. Rina looked the part of a spoiled rich man's daughter. Her brown hair was extremely long and welt kept. She had a personal maid to brush it for her, so she never needed to take care of it on her own. It was so long then when she wore her summer uniform, it reached past her skirt.

"Then, who…?" Eriko walked away from the roses and took a seat next to Rina on the large bed. The brunette sighed and brushed some of her long hair over her shoulder.

"He was a representative from Tamazusa Boys' Academy," Rina said as she leaned back, placing both her hands on the bed for support.

"A boys' academy," the blonde put a finger to her chin as she thought about it. "Was he here for Soushi?"

"No," Rina frowned at the thought of her step-brother. He was a total buffoon in her opinion. He was a child from her mother's first marriage. Of course, even if her father had adopted him, she was still number one in his eyes. "Father…" Rina whispered to herself. Oh, how she missed him! He was a very important business man and was rarely home. He was always on trips, negotiating deals to help with the globalization of The Kousai Company.

"You miss him terribly, don't you?" Eriko knew the answer, but asked the question mostly to remind her friend that she was still there. Rina broke out of her daze and blushed slightly. "You only show him those eyes, right?" Rina blinked, slightly confused.

"What eyes?" the brunette raised an elegantly sculpted eyebrow.

"Those," Eriko pointed at Rina's face. "Your eyes are always so serious, even a little frightening," the maid blushed and waved her hands in front of herself in defense, "I didn't mean it that way, Rina-sama."

"These eyes…?" Rina didn't seem insulted by the comment. She slowly got up from her spot on the bed and walked over to her full-length mirror. She studied her violet orbs with great interest. "How are they different from before?"

"You see," Eriko, having gained some courage from her mistress's lack of angry, walked over and stood behind the brunette. "When you're thinking of the Master, your eyes go very soft and it's almost as if…" she couldn't think of the word.

"And when I'm not thinking of him?" Rina turned to face the short girl. Eriko felt very small under the gaze of her mistress, who stood tall at five foot, six inches.

"They're actually quite…" Eriko looked away, afraid to meet her mistress's gaze. "They're quite harsh and scary, really."

"They are?" Rina's eyes went wide, taking on a cute look before returning to their slanted, almost angry-looking usual appearance. "I'm like a demon," she turned back to the mirror, brows knit together in concern for her once proudest feature.

"So, what did the man say about the boys' academy," Eriko quickly changed the subject to ease her mistress's anxieties.

"Ah," Rina turned back toward her maid. "He said they were starting some sort of project and that I and another girl will be the first women integrated into the school."

"Oh, is it for a trial basis, or…?" the blonde pulled her friend back to the bed so they could sit and chat.

"Actually, it's for an entire semester and maybe even a year," Rina sighed as he took a seat.

"How will that affect your studies at Sakurairo?" the blonde seemed worried.

"Well, all the credits will transfer," Rina leaned back against her pillows and sighed. "I suppose Sakurairo Prep was getting a little mundane," she smiled when Eriko giggled.

"Being the biggest fish in the pond gets old, does it?" the blonde snorted and then both girls erupted into fits of giggles. "It could be really fun, you know."

"Yes, I suppose," Rina tried to catch her breath and then smiled at her friend. "I guess it wouldn't hurt my reputation," she put a finger to her chin. "It's not as though I'm sleeping in a boy's room."

"Yes and that other girl will be there, too," Eriko added.

"I guess I can accept," the brunette stood up and put her hands on her hips. "It's settled," she turned her head and smiled over her shoulder. "Starting in the fall, I will be one of the two girls attending Tamazusa Boys' Academy."

"Now," Eriko stood up and put a hand on her friend's shoulder. "How do we make it seem like it was your idea and not your mother's?" Rina deflated slightly at the idea of agreeing with the beast she shared blood with.

"Perhaps if she's had enough wine…" the brunette began and the maid giggled before returning to her chores.

"Hey, did you hear?" a boy's excited voice wafted through the classroom that was full of boys currently sitting in typical day wear. "There will be two girls coming here for this school year!"

One boy in particular glanced up at this comment, and raised an eyebrow. The other boys cheered slightly, and the boy who had spread the news was bouncing. All the boys were excited to know if this would be true or not, so they turned to the one who had raised an eyebrow at the comments.

"Murasaki-san," they all ran to his desk, "do you know if this is true?"

"And how exactly am I supposed to know this?" Murasaki-san almost glared at the boys who slightly backed down.

"Well," the one who had stated the news spoke up, "your mother is on the board of directors for this academy. We figured that you would have heard something or another."

"This will be the last time that I inform you," Murasaki-san stood up. "Just because my mother is on the board, does not mean that I am. I do not know everything that will happen in this school."

Glaring at the boys, Murasaki walked out of the classroom and down the hallway. Grunting, he made his way toward the front of the school. Fortunately, because of his attitude and the way his eyes were always so sharp, Murasaki could get away with lying to all the boys of the academy. His full name was Murasaki, Tsuzuki; and his mother, Murasaki, Riku was in fact on the board of directors. He was your typical high school student who studied hard and maintained good grades. His looks weren't bad either, standing at a full six feet, he had pitch black hair that he liked to style with only gel ran through it in no particular manner, and blue eyes that many females described as piercing. His mother had told him about the new transfers and plans for this year, and had volunteered her son to escort the two new students, who were in fact, both girls. It was some new project that the director was going on about slowly integrating females into the school. He was calling it Project CaRinA; and as to why he was calling it that particular name, no one could even guess. Well, at least, Tsuzuki's mother had not told him the significance of the name.

Standing at the entrance, he could see two vehicles coming into view. He knew that this would cause a commotion when the rest of the student body saw who was arriving, so he had called in a few favors with certain teams. This would help keep all the over-hormonal boys away from the young girls.

When the cars stopped, he waited there patiently for the doors to open. One remained shut, while the other one slowly was pushed open. He could see a flip-flop clad foot reach for the ground, and then the girl's features astonished him. She had blonde hair, that was ever so slightly wavy and it stopped at her mid-shoulders and her physic was smaller than most girls he had seen. Looking at him, the girl smiled and walked quickly toward him. Smirking, he put up his 'mask' and waited for her to speak.

"You must be Murasaki-senpai," she grinned at him, her eyes sparkling; or was it just the reflection from her glasses. "I am Jouchi, Carin. It is a pleasure to meet you."

"I am sure that it is a pleasure to meet me," Tsuzuki smirked even wider. Now that he got a good look at her, she was your average, top of class, school-girl nerd. From far away, she looked like she would be gorgeous, but she wore no make-up and had glasses on her nose. Turning his head away from her, he looked at the other car, where the driver had walked around and opened the door. The girl who stepped out was glamorized from head to toe.

"Hello there," she walked up to him, "My name is Kousai, Rina. A pleasure I am sure."

"Sure," Tsuzuki laughed at her attitude. Clearing his throat, he motioned for them to follow, "This way ladies."

"What are you doing here?" Rina's voice rang out. "I thought this was the school for the best."

"Well, aren't we as snobby as ever," Carin spoke softly. "I am not here to fight with you. I am here to do my class work and get an education. I suggest you do the same."

"I am not sharing a room with you," Rina all but screamed. "You can't speak to me like that."

Sighing, Carin didn't respond but just walked up to where Tsuzuki was. Looking down at the ground, Carin waited patiently for him to show her where they were going. "If you will please follow me, I will show you to your dorm."

Walking swiftly, he would every once in a while turn to check if both the girls were behind him. When he got to their room, he smiled and told them that he would come to pick up them up for dinner; and show them around the campus before lights out. As he walked away, he couldn't help but wonder if this was a good idea. They obviously didn't get along, and they were going to have to share a room together all year. Sighing, Tsuzuki made his way to the chairman's office to inform him of this little development.

"Unbelievable," Rina muttered under her breath as he took in her new room. It was relatively small, if it was one person. But, since it was for two, it was tiny. She sneaked a peak over her shoulder at her new roommate. It was none other than Jouchi Carin, her long time rival. Sakurairo Prep School, Rina's school, and Momosono University, Carin's school, were always having competitions with each other.

"So, how were you chosen?" Carin asked, sounding sweet and innocent, but Rina knew better. Everyone thought the blonde was such a nice little nerdy girl, and to everyone else, she probably was, but to Rina, Carin was a demon. Rina rolled her eyes and laughed at herself. Maybe the blonde wasn't a demon, but she wasn't exactly nice.

"I'm at the top of my class at Sakurairo," Rina said without meeting Carin's eyes. "I have to use the restroom," the brunette excused herself and walked out the door before the blonde had a chance to reply. Of course, with the speed in which Rina left and the fact that their room had a restroom in it, Carin wouldn't have said anything anyway.

"I'm telling you," a short boy with obviously dyed blonde hair laughed, "one of them is super cute and really nerdy looking," he went on. "The other is…uh…" he furrowed his dark brows.

"She's definitely a priss," his friend went on. "Did you see the dude open the door for her?"

"Yeah, she's gotta be, like, rich or something," the fake blonde went on. The tallest of the three just took a drag of his cigarette before throwing it down and rubbing it out with his foot. The three of them were skipping out on their class to hang out on the roof.

"You guys really like to gossip, huh?" he slowly let out a stream of smoke and smirked. "Weren't you two supposed to be in that big assembly?"

"Well, Murasaki-senpai only called it to distract us," the fake blonde rolled his eyes. "Can I bum a ciggie off you, Ren?"

"No more," the tallest man held his uniform jacket open and chuckled as the blonde whimpered and turned toward their other friend.

"Pain the ass," they heard a feminine voice shout from directly under them. The three peered over the edge of the roof and saw none other than the 'priss' marching down the sidewalk by the courtyard.

"That her?" Ren turned toward his friends and then nodded. He smiled and looked back down at the girl before running a hand through his shaggy auburn hair. "This could be an interesting year."