It is me

And I am it

Yet we are not each other

We are not one to the other

We reflect each other

Yet one is not whole

A small, clouded mirror

Is all that separates us

(Let me break you,

So I may learn how to fix me)

Sections of me

Never let me be seen

Never let me see

What I am to you, to me

My own best nightmare

Don't try to figure it out

Never can you find

All the pieces of me

(Let me correct you,

So I may find what's wrong with me.)

I'm my own surgeon

My own doctor, my own nurse

I'm my psychologist

Yet I have no diagnosis

I am it

And it is me

Yet we don't explain each other

We don't complete each other

(Let me tear you apart,

So I may be able to piece me together.)