It occurred one day while they were walking down the street. It was a cloudy day, which was maybe foreboding, or maybe it was just a cloudy day. You never know if those foreboding clouds are for you or for someone else.

"Curtis dear?" Josie asked, looking up at Curtis and fluttering her eyelashes.

Curtis looked down at her and smiled suspiciously. Nothing good ever came of Josie fluttering her eyelashes. "Yes, honey?"

"Let's adopt a child."

Curtis nearly stopped walking, but he kept his composure and walked in silence for a little while before answering. "Josie my sweet... you remember when I asked you to marry me?"

Josie nodded. "Oh yes. Terribly romantic."

Curtis copied her nod, smiling at her. "Yes, of course I am. Then you also remember turning me down?" He then asked.

"Mn hm. I regret it every day. How will I ever live without you?" Josie wondered, grinning at Curtis as she tapped her lips with her ring finger, showing off how bare it was.

"You'd be fine." Curtis told her. "Well, you'd be dead in about fifty years or so, but that's just the fate of you humans... My, you do distract me so well. What was I saying?"

"You were recounting the day you asked me to marry you. I had just refused you." Josie reminded him.

"Ah yes. And you remember – you turned me down because, and I quote, 'married people stop having sex'."

Josie nodded sagely and locked her elbow with Curtis'. "Yes, good thing I did turn you down."

"You do know then, that the number two killer of sex is children?"

Josie pulled back and glared at him. "Is this you're complicated, blame shifting way of telling me that you don't want this?"

Curtis shook his head. "Oh no – I'd love to adopt a child. Honestly, I could use a break from sex – it's quite tiring after a while." He said, rubbing his back.

"Could've fooled me." Josie snorted.

Curtis stopped walking so that he could look right into Josie's eyes. "But seriously, all joking aside – you are serious? You want to adopt?"

Josie nodded. She put on her best serious face and said, "Yes. I really do."

Curtis smiled and laced his arm back through Josie's. "Ok then. Anything for you dear."

Josie laughed and clapped her hands. "Let's adopt Trevor!" She yelled.

Curtis sighed and rolled his eyes. "I think that will be quite impossible Josie, pumpkin."

"It's Trevor or no one." Josie said, pouting at Curtis. It really was the cutest thing, he thought, how she pouted with her thin lips.

He shrugged and said. "Alright, you try to take Trevor away from Rose. Go ahead; cause a rift in my family."

"I've already done that, haven't I?"

Curtis nodded. "Yes, that's true. Another one then. You can never have too many familial rifts."

Josie huffed and stomped along. "Fine, we won't steal Trevor away from Rose. But I just don't know where we'll be able to find another eight year old as smart and charming as Trevor."

"Yes, we probably won't find many fifty year old eight year olds on Earth." Curtis agreed.

"Exactly! So what do you want me to do?"

"Adopt a fifty year old?" Curtis suggested. "Let's go to a senior's home."

Josie punched Curtis' shoulder. "Fuck you!" She yelled. "You're not taking this seriously!"

Curtis rubbed his shoulder; Josie didn't seem to realize how much it hurt when she punched him. "Fine, fine. But we really can't adopt Trevor. You're going to have to settle for someone else. Or no one, if you really meant what you said earlier."

Josie was silent for a while, and Curtis wondered if she was depressed now. At last she spoke, and what she said made Curtis laugh. "Couldn't we just clone Trevor?" She asked, in all earnestness.

They made it to Rose's new apartment, and Curtis rang the doorbell. As they waited for Rose to open the door Curtis asked Josie if he should be trying to get a DNA sample from Trevor, and she punched him again, just as Rose opened the door.

"Ah! Rose; you're a witness to the abuse!" Curtis wailed.

Rose sighed and shook her head. "You two certainly have your own way of making an entrance. Come in."

Trevor was napping on the couch when they went in, and he didn't wake up until Rose shook him. Curtis raised an eyebrow at Josie, mentally asking her if she really wanted such a lazy child, but she ignored his telepathy and sat down on the couch beside Trevor.

"Have you heard the good news Curtis?" Rose asked, as they sat down as well. Curtis shook his head; he didn't know what good news she was referring to, but he guessed he had not heard. He didn't hear much news anymore. "Dad and Helena have adopted a child." Rose told him.

Curtis slid a look at Josie, who pointedly ignored his gaze, and then he smiled at Rose. "Wow, when did this happen?" He asked.

"A couple of weeks ago I guess. They've been looking into it for a while I guess; since they got back together again. They adopted a little girl from China; I've got a picture. She's super cute!" Rose said, and went into the kitchen to get said picture off of her fridge.

Curtis grinned at Josie, who returned his glee with a glare. "Funny, that they should have adopted..." He said. "I guess everyone's doing it nowadays, and it's not just the stars. Angeline Jolie, Madonna, and now my very own parents. You know Rose, just before we came Josie and I were talking about-"

"Going on a trip to China." Josie interrupted. Knowing that Helena had adopted a child somehow made her want to do it less. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that Helena had tried to kill her, or maybe Josie was just shallow, but she didn't suppose it mattered much. She had come to accept both facts by now. "For a change of scenery I mean. I'd like to see the Great Wall."

As they left Rose's later that night Curtis turned to Josie with a grin and asked, "Does the idea that Helena adopted a child before you bother you Josie, my cupcake? Do you no longer want to adopt a child, because Helena beat you to it?"

Josie frowned and shook her head. "Not at all. I just realized that I'm not ready to raise a child yet. We should wait a few years I think."

Curtis laughed and hugged Josie. "Yay sex!" He yelled.

Josie pushed him away with a smile. "Yes, yes. We can still have lots of sex yay." She said flatly, and took Curtis' hand as they walked. Curtis hummed happily as they went.

"And what's with you calling me all these stupid pet names today?" Josie asked when they were about halfway home.

Curtis shrugged. "You started it."

"Nice, real mature." Josie said sarcastically.

Curtis smiled at her. "Well, if I was mature, then wouldn't we have a kid by now?"

Josie was quiet a moment, looking at him, and then she sighed and said. "Great. If I'm waiting for you to grow up before we adopt, then it's never going to happen."