If My Heart Was a House



Rafe wasn't always a sad kid, but he never understood why God took his mom and dad from him when his was six years old. The funeral was hard on him, he was at the age that he understood that Mommy and Papa weren't coming back. But he still didn't understand why.

Why would they be taken from him?

He never meant to be bad, he always tried so hard to be good. He thought he was a good boy, Mommy always told him how good he was.

But maybe she was lying? No Mommy would never lie to him, Mommy would tell him secrets. Like how she really didn't like Papa's beard, but she let him keep it 'cause of how much he liked it.

Rafe didn't remember much from the day of the funeral.

He remember hearing Mrs. Muff telling Mrs. Tate that there wasn't much of Mommy and Papa left. That the caskets had barely anything in them. He didn't know then that was because the car caught on fire and they were mostly ashes. All he knew was that Mommy and Papa were missing parts from their bodies as they went to heaven and he wondered if they were going to go to the doctor when they got there.

Rafe remembers meeting Juliette.

Though it was the day after the funeral. He was at the park with his grandfather, Pop-Pop. Rafe was sitting on a swing slowing pushing himself from the dirt with his feet. His Pop-Pop was standing over by a tree talking on his phone.

Rafe remembers thinking about when he was going to see Mommy and Papa again when a girl with honey-hair sat on the swing next to him.

He didn't know then that she was the girl that was going to change his life.


"When violet eyes get brighter, and heavy wings grow wider
I'll taste the sky and feel alive again, and I'll forget the world that I knew
But I swear I won't forget you."

Vanilla Twilight - Owl Eyes

* * *

Because this is so short I'm going to put the first chapter up also.