Tears, like rain, cascade down smooth skin each day.
She desperately wants to leave, but is deathly afraid.
Bruises and scars litter the body, many a mark.
Every strike is like a knife to the heart.
"What can I do? Why can't I leave?
Can someone, anyone, come help me?
Oh, how such a plea sends out jolts of pain.
What does one do when the monster can't be slain?
As the rain falls, she too sits and cries.
Looking to the heavens above, she longs to fly.
But another mark appears, this time on her chest.
The searing pain is now worn like a crest.

As the rain falls, so do her tears of sorrow.
She wishes and hopes for a better tomorrow.
The sun continues to shine and life still goes on.
She just wants a place to belong.
And finally, it seems, her wish has been answered.
She'll no longer have pain. No longer have to suffer.
He is going overseas to the war.
She is joyful to see him walk out the door.
A new life is waiting for now she can leave.
She can travel anywhere and no longer heed,
His hand striking upon her body.
So, as the rain falls, so do her tears.
But they shall never again be from fear.