Far off in the distance, in a land you can only hope to find amongst wishes and dreams, is a special place where creatures of wonder exist. Here, you'll find wonderfully cared landscapes with splashes of brilliant shades and hues that play, mix, and spread. You'll discover trees filled with branches that have vibrant leave of different greens. And many a bird will sing, twitter, and chips with musical voices. So, where would one start their travel in such a luscious place of imagination? Perhaps, you attention could be pulled toward the Sherium Falls, the water there literally sparkling like diamond.

What would be found in the peaceful location besides the nice temp of the stream and the rain like song of the water rushing over smooth stones? Maybe if you were to pay special attention, you'll find something of enchantment. You could just find the magic that's there if thou dost believe, however. Is there really such a thing as magic? But of course there is!!! Look upon Sherium's shore and see what magic you have in store. Hm, still don't think there is magic with being surrounded by such a place? Well, let us see if she can make you a believer in the impossible yet extraordinary.

Precious wings of cherry blossoms light and tresses of auburn silk. Eyes like orbs with an amethyst glow and skin of golden tone. Smile of beauty that pulls at the heart and figure that plays within the minds of men. One would truly say that this figment of female build can only be found when tracing a path in a story. However, at these particular falls, the swirls of mist hide man details. This is why she is so hard to find. Upon the coming full moon you may glimpse the woman wasting away the time in the water. At the earliest hour of dawn when sunrise begins to paint the sky, you might see this lovely being washing those auburn strands under the waterfall, her skin seeming to shimmer. Believe in magic yet?

"Come ye mortals near and far.
Witness the birth of a star.
Come and play in the maze of my garden.
Find thy way into my enchantment."

These words she would sing with voice of gentle breeze while petals from lilies cascaded down her luminescent skin. Crystal like petals pooled in this woman's palm, glistening with dew drops wet that looked like gems. Raising these jewels to lips painted of scarlet, she blew on them lightly, causing the petals to float on the air. Now, you would expect them to fall gracefully to where they would meet the embrace of the earth. But instead of doing the expected, they seemed to just hover, rotating as if on the end of a string. Increasing in speed ever so slightly, the petals began to glow. First like a very dull candle then like that of a bright, shining orb. With a simple thought from the celestial like creature, the petals grew, morphed, shifted, and laced into one. Coming to a stop and hovering in front its maker, there was now a dove of purest cloud hues. It cooed gently, flapping its fragile wings at a steady pace.

She smiled at the dove and held out her hand, cooing softly at the bird. It placed itself within her palm looking up toward her pretty face. Bending down she kissed its head and whispered words that would sound like gentle tweets to passers going by. A few short second must have gone by for the dove flew off into the sky. Up it flew, not having a care, into the arms of the clouds. From the moment it bursts through the clouds of mist something begins to happen. It folds in its wings around its frail body. A light from within illuminates outward to surround the dove, blocking out its feathered features. But now, it is a dove no more as it soars to the heave to join the white dwarves.

"Dost thou who hath such fallen faith believe in the ways of magic now?" the enchantress will ask. If your answer is yes, then look upon the sky. You'll glimpse a dove with a twinkle in its eye. "Twinkle, twinkle little star. Oh how I wonder…what you are."