Garden of Eden

Adam said he'd never

Swore he'd never go

You can have every damn tree in this garden

But the forbidden fruit through the gate smelled of glamour and mystery

So he spit out every easily spoken promise

And tasted.

Eve was a pretty little thing

Apple of his eye, once.

And once they'd been together

Like the only two on earth.

And even God can't keep the two together

If Adam goes and screws it up

Even if he swears she was a demon

Lilith seduced him, he was weak

Weak as the excuses flowing from his lips

When Lilith talks to Eve she shares a different story.

And she's not the one who lied.

She's not the one who slipped through life and love like it meant nothing.

She's just a woman scorned

Back for her revenge.

And with a guy like Adam-

Who could blame her?

It's just too bad Eve had to get hurt too.