Where is my price charming? Who knows? It's raining and reading through my old book of fairy tales is not what I need to do at the moment. It's really hard for me to concentrate on the stories. I keep drifting off into another realm. But in all honesty I would love to be a princess in a castle with maids and servants and butlers and have an adoring prince who would love me and we would have the most amazing time. He could sweep me off of my feet and we would ride into the moonlight and live happily ever after. But that's only a fantasy, and I'm 17. I should be worrying about other stuff.

Like today my dad was yelling at me because according to him, my head is up my ass and I need to get a job and help out around the house some more and that money doesn't grow on trees. The worst part about that statement he made is the fact that I don't live with him. I live with my mom most of the time. I actually do help out around the house. I've been at his house for about three weeks now and I feel like a mother to his kids. I give them chores to do, I yell at them when they don't listen or act up, I've been making breakfast, lunch and dinner and I'm sick of it. And as far as I can remember I've never really asked for money. My mom usually gives it to me whenever I go somewhere, and that's once in a blue moon. So it kind of comes off as if I'm a burden. Every other week-end and half of summer and major holidays, it really sucks to be in my shoes.

So daydreaming is what I'm being reduced to. I hate staying at his house because of the fact that I feel under appreciated. My biggest pet peeve is to have someone not notice what I do and give me proper credit for it. My mom actually does the same thing, but at least I'm not reduced to being a nanny with no pay.

Well my bowl of awesome flakes is gone so I have to live with what I got, even if I hate it. All I really want is what makes me happy and unfortunately no one wants me to feel that way.


That night was the worst night of my life. Three major events occurred which changed my life. It was all so shocking and crazy; I'm still trying to process all of it. Now you have to realize I'm a very stubborn person. If I want something to go my way I usually don't budge. It's just not my thing to do so it actually hurts me somewhere deep down to actually give in. So when my father asked me to help him out in the kitchen, I refused. I was making dinner as well as lunch and breakfast for his kids why would I want to go in there now to help him make something. I surely wasn't getting any help, why should he get some. Either way I wasn't going to help him out. I had had enough. I didn't care anymore, and I wasn't going to do anything. And that's when he decided to yell at me.

"Delia! You better get up right now! I'm not having it!" His face was turning red and he was clenching his jaw, making the cleft in his chin a bit more pronounced. He looked scary, but I wasn't going to budge. "Goddammit! Get up right now! You're so damn lazy, can't you just help out once in a while!" He had gone way too far. Lazy was something I had not been.

"Lazy! I was watching your kids for the past few weeks and I'm lazy. I have been watching them and taking care of them and you have the nerve to call me lazy." He really was blind and stupid.

"And just who do you think you're talking to?" He was getting angrier.

"To you! Are you blind? I do more of everything at this house than I do at my mother's! And I don't even live here!"

"If you stay here, you help out. It's as simple as that! You don't like it? Then you can get the hell out." He looked satisfied, as if he was somehow better than me. But he really underestimates me.

"Fine I'm gone! I'm going back to my moms and ill catch the bus there!" He never thought I would pull those cards out! He really has no idea what I'm capable of doing!

I grabbed my bag and got ready to leave. The thing is that my dad lives in one of those newer apartment buildings. It's a nice place with three bedrooms and a cool balcony but the guy at the front desk was an asshole. So now I had to figure out how was I going to get past him? Of course my dad was yelling at me and now we had an audience of his kids and my step-mom. It was getting harder to get to the front door. Someone was asking if I was leaving and another person was crying, another was pleading with me to him my DS, and my step mom was busy asking what had happened. I was clearly annoyed at being attacked in this way but it was the knock at the door that surprised us. See usually when a person knocks at the door it's the usually high pitched 3 knock combo. But this knock was way different it was scary different. It was 5 really loud and deep bangs. Instead of using their hands to knock, it sounded like they had a really thick piece of wood. And the other big difference was that none of the kids ran to open the door, instead they all looked at each other and quietly, which never happens, ran to their rooms. Now I wasn't complaining but that was very unusual for them. My step- mom fluffed up her hair and briskly walked to the door she took a deep breath and then opened the door.

"Finally I thought you'd never open this door. Now get out of my way so I can take a seat." It was the devil incarnate. Our evil upstairs neighbor. She was a rotting old lady with coal black eyes and perfectly whitened hair that reached all the way down to the floor. She never pulled it up. So it was always dragging across the floor yet it never changed color. And her teeth were their own story. Crooked and a horrible shade yellow-gray, it was a miracle that she still had any left in her mouth. She was disgusting and smelled worst that anything I could possibly describe. She had Crow's Feet in the corner of her eyes and big dark circles around them. I nice gift basket full of spa items would have been useful at one time in her life but to give them to her now would be a waste of time, by the way her skin sagged not even a plastic surgeon would have any luck with her. She made her way to our living room and found a seat in my dad's recliner. He looked mad but he wasn't going to say anything. She took her thick wooded cane and placed it between her legs and held on to the handle with both of her hands. Then she just looked at us.

"Well take a seat, don't you have any manners?" We all squeezed together on the sofa and we still hadn't heard a peep out of my younger brothers and sisters. They had already known she was coming! If only I had been fore-warned!

"Do me a favor you baby-making ingrates and stop with all the noise. My knees are bad and I can't get around like I used to. Every time you idiots scream my little bird goes crazy. And I have to chase him around and try to catch him to calm him down. One more time and I'll complain so badly you'll have to move out of the country!" She was scarier up close. And to make everything much scarier she was staring me right in the eyes. Her coal colored pebbles where challenging me, and I wasn't going to look away. It went on for about a few more seconds and then she closed her eyes. And then she opened then really slowly and her coal black eyes turned a bright red color. And then she opened her mouth. This scarlet mist came pouring out and the room went cold. She closed her mouth and then she screamed at me.


If only I knew what she was talking about.