Way to the sky.

When people look at the sky,
I don't think they wanna fly,
I guess they just wanna
know if it's gonna rain,
be ready for taking an umbrella
with them before it's too late.

Whatever, I don't wanna fly either,
I'm too much scared of being high,
but now you're between the clouds
in that wide blue sky with nothing,
why don't you tell me what it feels
to fly without a parachute, I mean
be sure not falling too soon!

Good luck, baby, it's your way to the sky,
be sure to watch me from your side,
tender smiles that always steal my heart,
good bye, baby, it's your way to the sky,
I don't care if you never return to me,
I know you're better in that sky which
I wanna be with you some night....
To see some stars shining close to us.