Episode 1: Pilot

1. Parking Lot –MORNING.
Screen fades in on Pete coming out of his mother's car with a bag wrapped behind his shoulders. He's getting ready to enter.

Mrs. Spenser: Bye, honey. Have fun.

Pete: Ok, bye mom.

Mrs. Spenser: Bye. I love you!

Pete: Mom, you're embarrassing me! Would you please leave?

Mrs. Spenser: It's my son's first day at his new school! I'm worried!

Pete: I'm not eleven!

Mrs. Spenser: You want me to go in with you?

Pete: (starts walking away) Oh my god. I don't know you.

Mrs. Spenser: (from the window, pointing) He's my son!

Pete: (screaming back) Get outta here, crazy lady!

2. Playground Indoors –MORNING.
Pete enters the indoor playground. He takes a quick look at the chaos around and is quite overwhelmed.

Pete: What is this, a zoo or something?

Charlie: (appearing from behind) More like a deserted, unsupervised animal planet.

Pete: Oh, I-I said it out-loud?

Charlie: That's ok, it's not like I'm related to Mr. Carter. (Pete chuckles, but it's obvious that it's fake) The principal, and thanks for fake-laughing.

Pete: I'm Pete.

Charlie: Charlie.

(They handshake)

Pete: A junior?

Charlie: Yes; why? Do I give away as a senior?

Pete: Sure.

(They both laugh)

Charlie: C'mon, let me introduce you to some of my friends.

Pete: Are they…just as intimidating? (Charlie looks at him.) Is it too early for practical jokes?

Charlie: Yeah.

Pete: I see.

(Charlie walks towards "the wall" and Pete follows him)

Charlie: So, this is Joey.

Joey: Hey, man, what's up?

Pete: Pete.

Joey: Welcome to Wilson's.

Charlie: Joey is not usually that polite but cut him some slack. He just hit his head on "the" wall.

Pete: Oh.

Charlie: This is CJ.

CJ: Hi, Pete. Do you like Transformers?

Pete: (chuckling) Uhh…

Charlie: Yeah, CJ's weird. Don't talk to him. Like, ever. (CJ groans and turns around, disappointed) Now… (moves to Stephanie) This is Stephanie.

Stephanie: (smiles) Hi.

Pete: (smiles back) Hi.

Charlie: You can stop staring at him. He's a human, Steph, not an integrated ice-sculpture.

Stephanie: Shut up, Charlie!

Sharon: (after laughing) Hi. And I'm Sharon. Charlie forgot to introduce me because, well, he's an idiot. And, well, I'm the laughable one.

Pete: Yeah, I can see that. I was actually able to see that when I was fifteen miles away from here. (Sharon burps out laughing) It's like you slept with a hanger in your mouth or something.

(They all laugh)

Stephanie: (whispering to Christina) Ahh, he is human.

Pete: (to Christina) We didn't meet. I'm Pete.

Christina: Christina.

Charlie: Christina's really shy and she has low social skills.

Christina: CHARLIE! Shut up!

Charlie: It's only the truth!

Christina: Well it's an ugly truth!

Stephanie: I don't think there are beautiful truths to begin with. (They all just stare at her.) I'm usually not that weird…and all huffy and stuff. I'm actually so-called as "the normal person" between all of us, Pete. You know, not the one who'd laugh for hours or something…

Pete: Oh, well have you met Sharon? (points at a bursting-into-laughter Sharon)

Sharon: (laughing) That's unfair!

Charlie: Oh god.

Sharon: (sighs) Ok, I've calmed down now. (clears throat) So, like, what was your old school like…you know, compared to Wilson's?

Pete: Lincoln Middle School was… Lincoln was…

Joey: (nodding) A good president.

Sharon: Ha-ha, yeah that's Joey. He's the funny one with all the jokes, all the time. Whatever it is he's saying, it's always funny.

Joey: Awe, thanks Shar. (walks away)

Sharon: All right, now that he's gone, if he ever says anything to you that you're not sure whether it's a joke or not—laugh anyway 'cause it's a joke. It's always a joke.

Pete: Got it.

CJ: Oh you went to Lincoln Middle School? I went there the first year then I transferred here.

Pete: (nods) Huh.

(Awkward Pause)

Charlie: "Huh". Is that code for "who gives a damn"?

Pete: No! No don't listen to him… (forgets CJ's name)


Pete: (snaps fingers) CJ! (groans) Ugh, I'm sorry. I'm just really bad with names.

CJ: That's ok, so am I. (walks away)

Charlie: Now are you really bad with names or you just can't place him?

Pete: Oh, I met him already?

(The group laughs)

Christina: It's not nice…to talk about other people like they're inferior to you.

(They all look at her)

Charlie: Oh my god she can talk!

Christina: That's not funny.

Pete: I wasn't…making fun of CJ.

Christina: Right. It's amazing how his name and mine are the only two you can't seem to (mocking Charlie) "place".

Charlie: Oh, that was an inside joke.

Stephanie: Up high, girl-friend! (asks for a high-five)

(Christina just groans and walks away)

Sharon: Wow, isn't it amazing how you've only been here for two minutes and you've already managed to have enemies?

Pete: Yeah I don't think I'm getting out of here alive today.

Sharon: (smiling) Well, welcome to our school. (walks away)

(Pete just smiles and nods repeatedly)

Pete: Yeah.

Stephanie: Why don't you put your bag down? Your back must be killing you.

Pete: Oh, I don't know how to tell you guys this but… (whispering) I have a gun in here. (pats the bag)


Pete: Is it really still early for jokes?!

(They all laugh now)

Commercial Break

3. Playground Indoors –CONTINUED FROM EARLIER.
Screen fades in on Pete, Charlie and Joey talking while standing in line getting ready to go to class.

Pete: So you guys stand here and wait in line till you get up in class, one class at a time?

Charlie: I know it sounds really cliché and ridiculous and—

Pete: Oh no-no-no. Sharon's constant laughing is ridiculous. This is just… preposterous!

Joey: Hey, we know English too!

Pete: Oh and what's with these uniforms?

Charlie: (nods) Mr. Carter's orders.

Pete: What are we, ten?

Joey: No, grade ten.

Charlie: But you're gonna love the teachers. They're really friendly and comfy and make you feel like home.


Pete: (whispering) So the women are hot?

Charlie: Aawwww, you can't even imagine.

Joey: Oh man, you should see our math teacher. God, she is just…

Charlie: Makes you wanna puke!

Joey: Hey, she's hot!

Charlie: She's like 40 and she's married and her son is a senior!

Joey: To be fair, she's 37.

Charlie: And there's a new English teacher. We don't really know much about her yet. But I also heard she's kinda cool. (Pause) That's code for hot.

Pete: Yeah, I got that.

Charlie: Ok.

Pete: What else?

Charlie: Well, every morning before we go up to class, Mr. Carter—aka the principal—makes this exact same speech. He says and I am definitely quoting, "Good-morning Wilson students. We'll be starting with the seniors today so if Mrs. Mathews can escort them up, we'll start on our way. Don't get yourselves in trouble, fellas and I'll see ya again next time."

Pete: (laughing) "Fellas"?

Joey: I feel bad for the guy, really.

Mr. Carter: (loud) All right, quiet down everyone! (claps twice)

Charlie: (pokes Pete) Watch.

Mr. Carter: Okay. Good-morning Wilson students. We'll be starting with the seniors today so if Mrs. Mathews can now escort them up, we'll start on our way. Don't get yourselves in troubles, fellas, and I'll see ya again next time. Now scuttle up!

Charlie: Ohhh, I forgot that scuttle up thing.

Pete: (laughs) That's ok. I see what you meant.

Charlie: So, what are your problems?

(They start to move upwards on the stairs, on their way to class)

Pete: (chuckles) I'm…sorry?

Charlie: Well, you got problems, right?

Pete: I think it might be a little too early for me to talk to you guys about my problems.

Charlie: No, no, I mean…you came all the way from California to come to Wilson's. To learn. Something's definitely wrong with you.

Pete: Keep up the good prep-talk. (laughs)

Charlie: Why'd you transfer?

Pete: My parents.

Charlie: Right. Ugh I hate that when it happens.

Pete: Yeah.

Charlie: I mean, you're living a good, stable life and you got friends and a good life and everything you could ask for in one and then suddenly bam! Your parents wanna move halfway across the country.

Pete: (nods) Mm-hmm.

Charlie: Your dad got a better job offer or something?

Pete: Yeah. I'm, I'm sorry Charlie. I just…I'm not very…(sighs) comfortable talking about this. Just yet.

Charlie: That's ok. We can talk about something else.

Pete: Uh-huh.

(Awkward Silence)

Charlie: So the teachers are hot and heavy!

Pete: Yeah! (Pause) Man you got a lot of stairs.

Charlie: Yeah, and worse: our class is on the last floor.

Pete: Ugh, why do we have to be such grown-ups?

(Charlie laughs)

Pete: Hey, where'd Joey go?

Charlie: I don't know, he was just behiii—(looks behind him and Joey's not there)—ind us. Where'd he go?

Pete: (looking out a window in the halls) Oh my god.

Charlie: What?

Pete: There he is! (points)

(We can see Joey turning around in circles in the playground outside obviously looking for Pete and Charlie)

Charlie: (covers his mouth) I've never been this happy before.

(Pete chuckles)

4. Class –LATER.
All the students are getting into their seats. Charlie tells Pete "here" and seats him between himself and Joey. Sharon and Stephanie are giggling while they take their seats in front of the guys. CJ sits in the front and Miss English walks in.

Miss English: Okay. (sighs) Hello everyone. My name is Miss English and uh I will be teaching you…English. (Some classmates giggle) We're gonna have a good year. I'm really looking forward to getting to know you all very well. Before we start with getting introduced to you guys, I'm gonna start by saying some background information about myself.

Joey: (whispers to Pete) She means, how she got to be so hot.

(Pete smiles)

Miss English: I'm from Wisconsin. I came here to Michigan about three months ago. No, actually, it was four months ago. No, wait, if we're talkin' math, it's three and a half years ago, 'cause you see, I was actually born here but when my mother died and my stepfather sent me to New York City alone at the age of fifteen and then he went to prison 'cause he shot some Indian guy at a flea market... (realizes everyone is staring at her, shocked) I'm from Wisconsin.

(Everyone bursts into laughter)

5. Class –LATER.
Mrs. Holmes is teaching now. She puts her bag on the table and stands in the middle of the room and claps her hands twice.

Mrs. Holmes: It's great to see you folks again. (her eyes gazing across the class) I see we have many of our regulars. (comes across Pete) And some new faces too. Can you stand up please?

(Pete asks "Me?" whispering)

Mrs. Holmes: Yeah, you in the back. Can you stand up please?

Charlie: Go for it, man.

Joey: Face your biggest fear, man. Do it.

Charlie: (to Joey) What, what the--? (shakes his head)

(Pete stands up, coughs)

Mrs. Holmes: What's your name, please?

Pete: Um, Pete Spenser.

Mrs. Holmes: Hello, Pete Spenser, I'm Mrs. Holmes your math teacher for this year. Welcome to the school.

Pete: (nods) Thanks.

(Mrs. Holmes turns around and continues pacing across the room while Pete just remains standing awkwardly)

Mrs. Holmes: Ok, we have a great year and I have some really high expectations for you, some really high hopes and I was wishing you guys are just as excited as I am to—(notices Pete is still standing) You can sit down now.

Pete: Oh! Sorry. (sits back down)

Joey: (laughing) Dude, that was embarrassing.

Charlie: Hey, cut him some slack, will ya? It's his first day, man.

Mrs. Holmes: Umm… (clears throat) Charlie, could you please tone it down for me?

Joey: (loud) Seriously, Mrs. Holmes, I mean would you? Would you say something? I can't even hear you with his voice humming in my ear all the time!

(Charlie gasps and, when Mrs. Holmes turns the other way, throws a rubber on Joey who is laughing)

Pete: At least now I don't feel like the biggest nerd ever.

Joey: You're welcome.

(Pete and Charlie look at him.)

Mrs. Holmes: Ok, now I know that this is your first day back at school and it's not like I've never been a tenth grader before. I know that for some of you out there, it's hard not to cause trouble, especially on the first day and I can cut all of you guys some slack because I know this is Day 1 and some of you have no problem acting like dorks on this day. However, I also know that there are some of you who don't mind acting like that every day.

Charlie: (whispering to Joey) Dude, she's talking about you.

Mrs. Holmes: So I'm kinda hoping that this year will pass by easily, smoothly but most importantly…safely.

Sharon: Is she talking about…?

Mrs. Holmes: Yes. ABSTINENCE.

(Everyone is shocked.)

Mrs. Holmes: I know I'm only your math teacher—

Stephanie: Exactly!

Mrs. Holmes: And not your Sex Ed teacher.

Stephanie: Keep talkin'!

Mrs. Holmes: But I am also a person of this society, and I am your friend.

Stephanie: Ooh, now you lost me.

Mrs. Holmes: Don't you wanna be married when you start having babies? Isn't it much easier that way? I mean, really. Think about it. Being a pregnant teenager these days is extremely hard and you definitely don't wanna go there.

Sharon: (to Stephanie) Why is she going there?!

Mrs. Holmes: And c'mon, let's face it. Guys can sometimes even fake it so you never know.

Christina: Somebody please shut her up!

CJ: (covering his ears) I'm gonna have nightmares about this.

Mrs. Holmes: And as for the guys…

Joey: Aww, man.

Mrs. Holmes: Being a father, or the supporter of a family is extremely a huge burden on your shoulders. It's a humongous responsibility, one that you most certainly don't wanna get your hands dirty in. so, my quote of the day is: "Everyone, please keep your hands clean."

(Everyone in class is still stunned by her speech.)

Mrs. Holmes: Oh, and have a great year!

6. Playground Indoors –LATER.
Sharon, Stephanie, Christina, Joey and CJ are talking by "the wall".

Joey: I think there's a big possibility that she does drugs.

Christina: Mrs. Holmes doesn't do drugs, Joey.

Joey: Were you not up there?!

Christina: Well, if you think about it, everything she said does kind of make sense.

CJ: What, in Crazy World?

Sharon: Oh, oh my god. CJ made a joke.

Stephanie: Oh my god! Oh my god! CJ made a joke!

Sharon: Oh my god!

Joey: That was a joke?

CJ: Oh shut up!

(Christina walks away towards Marc who is by the window eating)

Christina: Hey Marc.

Marc: Hey, Christina.

Christina: So how was your summer?

Marc: Eh, it was alright. Ooh, my doggie finally pooped!

Christina: (gasps) Oh congratulations!

Marc: Thanks!

Christina: Oh my god that's great news. I don't know what to say next 'cause it's kind of intimidating. (Marc looks at her.) Took it too far.

Marc: So that Mrs. Holmes up there…

Christina: Yeah, that was quite a speech she made.

Marc: Uh-huh. Do you know it's already on YouTube?

Christina: Wha—c'mon! Mr. Carter doesn't allow anyone to bring their cell-phones with them to class. How could someone have captured that on tape?

Marc: Ok, first of all: tape?! (Pause) And, Joey has connections.

Christina: (nods) Oh.

Marc: What else?

Christina: (clears throat) So, what do you think of the new guy? Pete?

Marc: Oh I actually didn't really meet him yet.

Christina: What, he didn't say hello? Gosh, he is such a big ass!

Marc: No, actually, I came late this morning so I didn't get to meet him and just right now, he was coming to say "hello" but I had to go grab my lunch. So he was actually being kinda nice but I blocked him away. He seems ok.

Christina: Yeah, compared to a…leopard.

Marc: What?

Christina: I don't know!

Marc: Why don't you like Pete?

Christina: Because! Alright? He's an ass.

Marc: (smiling) Is it because he forgot your name?

Christina: (sternly) Who told you?

Marc: Yeah, connections isn't the only thing Joey has.

Christina: Ugh I mean, what? He's the new kid here. He's the one with no friends, no familiar faces, no one to really talk to and yet he still has the audacity to treat CJ and me like we're inferior to him?

Marc: Ooh, Joey didn't tell me anything about CJ. (eyes widening) What happened with CJ?

Christina: You are very nosy.

Marc: And you are upset.

Christina: I'm not upset! I couldn't really care any less what Pete Spenser thinks of me!

(Pete and Charlie from behind him)

Pete: (waving, smiles) Hi. (to Marc) I'm Pete.

Marc: (shakes hands with him) Marc, nice to meet you.

Pete: Likewise.

Marc: Heard some rrrreally nice things about you.

Pete: So you've obviously talked to someone other than her. (points to Christina)

(Christina is just looking out the window, ignoring Pete)

Charlie: C'mon, let's go.

Pete: Nice meeting you!

Marc: You too! (Pete and Charlie walk away) Hmmm. He seems nice.

Christina: He's only alive because it is illegal to kill him.

Marc: Not in Canada, baby, it isn't.

(Cut to Charlie and Pete walking)

Charlie: I don't know why you're giving yourself a hard time trying to get those guys' attention.

Pete: No, I just don't want someone to hate me.

Charlie: Eh, it's just the dorks anyway.

Pete: No, they're-they're nice.

Charlie: Mrs. Holmes-speech nice?

Pete: Oh my god, don't even remind me. What was that?

Charlie: I honestly have no idea. I mean, I really did think for a while that she was our Sex Ed teacher. I mean, God, the way she just went on and on about abstinence and waiting for the right moment after getting married and ooh, ooh, remember Chapter 11?

Pete: It's hard not to; it's all bolted inside my head! (hits his head a few time)

Charlie: How she went on that if we ever do decide to have sex before getting married, to use protection and make sure we're using it right.

Pete: And then how she started writing those sex-tips on the chalkboard.

Charlie: Oh my god! For a split second, I wished I was CJ!

CJ: (apparently behind them at "the wall") Yeah?

Charlie: (surprised) Nothing. (smiles at him)

Mr. Carter: Mr. Spenser?

Pete: Oh Mr. Carter.

Mr. Carter: May I speak with you in my office for a second?

Pete: Oh sure.

(Mr. Carter goes into his office and now Sharon, Stephanie, Joey, Charlie, CJ, Christina and even Marc are all glaring at Pete who just looks back.)

Pete: What?

Joey: You're going into the principal's office and you've only been here for four hours. What trouble could you have possibly gotten yourself into already, dude?

Pete: Oh no, that can't be… (freaks out) Oh god.

Charlie: It's ok, it's ok. I'm sure it's nothing, Pete. Just go in there, do your thing and get out. Wait, no, that's what I'd tell you if you were going to the bathroom.

Stephanie: Pete, just get in there already and deal with this. Mr. Carter can't wait for longer than 2 minutes. Then he gets the hepatitis again.

Pete: Ok. I'm going in.

CJ: Oh wait, wait, Pete!

Pete: What?

CJ: When you get out, can you tell me what it looks like? Never been in there before.

Charlie: Oh my god, just go! Go!

(Pete takes a deep breath then goes into Mr. Carter's office)

(Cut to the office. Mr. Carter is sitting behind his desk and Pete comes in)

Mr. Carter: Have a seat. Make yourself at home, Pete.

Pete: (chuckling) It's a little hard to do that when you're…frightening.

Mr. Carter: (chuckles) All principals are, Pete. So you havin' fun?

Pete: Yeah oh this is a great school, sir. And there are some great people here too. (looks outside the huge windows and sees everyone else waving and CJ screams, "What does it look like?" Stephanie slaps him on the head with a "shut up" and he goes "ow that hurt!") They're crazy, but great.

Mr. Carter: So we just had our first teachers' conference this year. (Pete nods, still confused.) I heard what you've been telling everyone.

Pete: What I've been telling…?

Mr. Carter: That you transferred to Wilson's.

Pete: Oh. That.

Mr. Carter: Yeah.

Pete: (sighs) I just thought it'd be easier, you know? Just say you switched schools and it'll be normal. It'll be ok. That's what I thought.

Mr. Carter: Pete, just because you're telling everyone that you and your parents chose to come here, doesn't mean it's true. (Long Pause) I think your classmates have the right to know what happened. You might become really close friends with them, and you owe them that.

Pete: What if…

Mr. Carter: They won't accept you? Pete, last year we had a kid who had a sex-change and 3 mothers and people still accepted him here.

Pete: (disgusted) Kids do that?!

Mr. Carter: Oh, there's a website. (touches the mouse on his computer) But never mind…

Pete: So you think I should really tell them…why I'm really here?

Mr. Carter: I'm just saying what I already said before… Just because you told them something to escape the truth doesn't mean you've run away from it.

(Pete turns around and stares at everyone waiting anxiously out there. He looks down, sad.)

CJ: (sticks his head to the window, turns his eyes around) Ooh, it's actually kinda nice.

(Mr. Carter pulls the curtains down so CJ can't see any more)

Commercial Break

7. Playground Indoors –CONTINUED FROM EARILER.
Screen fades in on Pete walking out of Mr. Carter's office and that's when everyone else jumps towards him with questions.

Sharon: So? How'd it go?

Stephanie: What'd he want?

Charlie: Is everything good now?

Joey: How was it?

CJ: Are you in trouble?

Marc: How'd it go?

(Pause. Pete just stares at them)

Pete: How'd what go?

Joey: Ugghh, come on! You know what we're talking about, man.

Pete: I really, really don't.

Stephanie: You know, for a new guy, I'm really starting to hate you for this.

Sharon: Pete, what did Mr. Carter want from you?

Pete: (walking towards the wall) Nothing, he just asked me a few questions.

CJ: Um, like…?

Pete: Like?

Charlie: Is it "what's your name, how old are you" questions or "did you secretly kill my mother yesterday"?

Pete: Ah…somewhere in between.

Stephanie: So, seriously? That's all you're gonna give us? "Somewhere in between"?

Pete: You don't have to worry about this, you guys. It's nothing. It was anything serious, I definitely would've told you. (Awkward Silence) So… Mrs. Holmes is drunk and stupid, huh?

(They all take separate paths)

Pete: What, what, where are you guys going?

Sharon: Well, we're mad at you!

Pete: Why?

Sharon: Pete, all we've been doing ever since you walked in today is being nice and friendly. We showed you around school, talked to you, introduced you to some friendly guys and then we ask you this one thing, and you can't tell us?

Pete: Look, I swear, Sharon, it's nothing importa—

Sharon: It doesn't matter, Pete! We just want you to be honest!

Pete: I am being honest. I'm telling you it's not important!

Sharon: is it not important or not important for you to share? (walks away)

Pete: What's the difference?

(Pete turns around and sees Joey just glaring at him funny.)

Pete: Oh great. You're mad at me too?

Joey: No, but someone ate my lunch.

8. Class –LATER.
Miss English is teaching and Pete keeps looking at everyone, but they're all ignoring his looks. He seems desperate.

Miss English: So, um, I realize that our uh first meeting was not exactly…perfect per se.

Joey: If you say so.

Miss English: You gotta understand, I'm just really nervous. Chicago is very…different from Wisconsin. Did I tell you guys I'm from Wisconsin?

Marc: Yeah, you might've mentioned it.

Miss English: And, plus, this is my first day. First days are weird and awkward for all of us. I mean, I'm new here and everything to me here is new. (Camera pans to everyone as they compare that to Pete's situation) I don't know anyone here and I'm trying my best to make a really good impression. I don't want to have my students hating me or not understanding me. You all understand what I'm talking about, right?


Miss English: Wow, you're very good listeners. That's awesome. Anyone else would like to add something?

Pete: (stands up) Um, can I say something?

Miss English: Well, you already are so have at it, Mr.

Pete: I'm Pete. I'm new here too.

Miss English: Oh, you are? Where you from?

Pete: Let me just finish. Anyway… (Pause) I uh I thought that if I told everyone that I'm just a new kid who moved from some whatever middle school I made up, it would be easier and it would make me believe it. But the truth is, just because I told you something doesn't mean it makes me feel good lying about it. I'm not from L.A. I'm actually from Pennsylvania. I'm sorry I lied to you guys about this but uh… I kind of had to. Because else, you would've thought…

Stephanie: Why did you lie to us?

Pete: Well, that is a very good question, Stephanie. She deserves a gold star. (turns to Miss English) Doesn't she deserve a gold star, Miss English? (She just stares at him.) Anyway… so I uh I didn't transfer from Pennsylvania to here. We uh, my family and I had to move not because we decided to. But um, we were forced. My father was working as the head of security in the school I was in and he conned the principal, stealing 30 grands. The school found out. They fired my dad and kicked me out because I was his son. So we had to come here, to Michigan because we needed to be at least away from the tri-state area.

(Everyone is shocked.)

Pete: I didn't wanna tell you guys because I thought you'd think less of me if you knew. Mr. Carter found out that I was telling all of you that I just transferred here so that's why he called me into his office. To convince me to tell you guys the truth. (sighs) So there you go. Thank you, Miss English. (goes back to his seat)

Miss English: Anytime, Pete.


Miss English: So who's up for some Grammar exercise!

9. Playground Indoors –LATER.
Pete is leaving the school. He gets to the wall and they all surprise him, all but Christina.

Charlie: Where do you think you're going?

Pete: Um, home? Oh no. Don't tell me you guys sleep here too?

Sharon: I can't believe you didn't tell us, Pete.

Pete: I'm sorry, you guys, ok? But I was…well, I was embarrassed.

Stephanie: He's your dad, of course you're gonna be embarrassed. Our parents embarrass us all the time.

Joey: Yeah.

Stephanie: Yeah. I mean, you should see CJ's dad. He was sent to prison for molestation and sex-abuse.

Marc: Thanks for bringing that up for him.

CJ: Thank you for using me as an example, Steph.

Stephanie: (smiles) Sure!

Sharon: Look, the point is we're all in this together. You have no reason to keep any more things away from us…anymore.

Pete: So, you guys are all ok with this?

Charlie: Definitely!

Joey: Yeah, c'mon that's what we're here for. Plus, it's not like your dad's that bad. He could've been CJ's dad.

CJ: Okay, I thought we were done with that already!

Joey: Sorry.

Pete: (smiles) You guys are the best.

Marc: Yeah, we are.

Charlie: Now, seriously, what's wrong with Mrs. Holmes?

Marc: Oh she's crazy.

Sharon: Mental issues…

Stephanie: Definitely insane.

Pete: I'll be right there you guys. (He stops and goes back a step when he sees Christina approaching and on her way out too) Hey.

Christina: What do you want? Isn't it enough what you've done to us already?

Pete: I knew you'd be the most pissed!

Christina: Not really. I couldn't really care any less, honestly.

Pete: Aw, man, you just hate my guts don't you?

Christina: Not necessarily a certain part of you. Just the whole "you" in general.

Pete: (chuckles) Oh god. Well, look I gotta go but um…I'm not going anywhere so you better find a way to accept me.

Christina: I take cash.

Pete: (laughs) I'll see you tomorrow.

Christina: Bye.

Pete: Oh and by the way… (comes closer) I don't know why you thought I can't remember your name… Christina. (smiles then walks away)

(Camera spins around then stops at Christina's face. Suddenly, she smiles)

Closing Credits

10. Parking Lot –AFTERNOON.
Screen fades in on Pete's mom waiting for Pete in the car. He comes in and throws his bag to the back.

Mrs. Spenser: There's my boy!

Pete: Not now, mom. Right now, I'm just a boy riding with you in the car. When we drive out of the parking lot, I become your son.

Mrs. Spenser: Don't make me go out the window again. (Pause) So? How was Day 1?

Pete: It was good.

Mrs. Spenser: "Good" good, or "shoot me in the head" good?

Pete: If you're gonna keep talking, it will become "shoot me in the head" good.

Mrs. Spenser: So, you like it? We don't have to move again?

Pete: Mom, I already told you: No. We don't have to move. This place is nice. And I like the school.

Mrs. Spenser: Good.

Pete: Yeah. And the people here are really nice. (smiles)

Mrs. Spenser: (smiling) Awe, you have friends.

Pete: No, I'm this loner who sat alone at the corner and had leftovers for lunch.

Mrs. Spenser: Fine, keep making fun of me. (gets out the window, points, screaming) PETE IS MY SON!!

Pete: Mom, get down here! Get back down here! Fine, I love you mom! I love you, just get in here!

(Mrs. Spenser returns, laughing)

Mrs. Spenser: Ah, this was so fun. I'm doing it again.

Pete: No, no!

(He grabs on to her, forcing her to stay in)