Getting Over You.

My eyes forecast nothing but rain

It's a way to cleanse the pain

Instead of screaming in your face

I calm my heartbeat's speeding pace

I trusted you, you let me fall

I held you up and lost it all

Darling, darling, don't you think

You should step back from the brink

I admit you had me for a fool

But you broke the golden rule

One thing that you'll never know

I let you in, you let me go

Don't bother saying you didn't lie

Don't know why you'd even try

Ice now coats my freezing heart

You screwed me over from the start

I love you still though I should not

Now my wits are all I've got

I'll move on and be okay

I'll survive another day

Walking through this empty home

Knowing I am not alone

Shadows forever on my side

Buckle up for this crazy ride