Leto, fair one lusted for by Lord of Sky,

the Moirae have taken two looks at thee:

blessed bearer of twin divines,

hated rival of Wife and Mother,

exiled to isle neither land nor sea.

Forced upon those unfixed sands called Delos

thy search for shelter was finally through:

welcomed by mortals meek,

swayed by promised riches,

exhausted, 'neath palm fronds you drew.

Leto, titan mother conceived by the King,

labor was swift and mild for first birth:

joined by loving daughter,

pained now by the second twin,

strained nine days for the light of the Earth.

Leto, known only for such a short time,

we hail you now for the gifts you gave:

wild virgin huntress, Artemis,

trusted music-bringer, Apollo,

harried humanity they both have saved.