Prophesied day that will change our world's face,

Coming soon but none can say when.

Bright shining moment of glory and death,

all in one unraveling, entwining, and confusing

flash of blood and gore with cries of furious battle.

"To war!" cry two tribes joined as one.

The snarling reply unuttered by mortal tongues.

Triumphant dead rally beneath hammer and bolt,

rushing to the true eternal abyss coming into sight.

Great ash of ancient days uncounted now withered, quaking.

Foundations crack and crumble at the sound,

the clamor of might meeting might.

Sons now to our purpose we are called

in vain reckless defense of Valhalla the gilded.

The world is tilting its very roots poisoned and besieged.

Every victory now shadowed by two lost.

Darkness is gathering my brothers,

threatening to overcome even the bolts of our lord.

When all will fall and light is extinguished,

we bravely march through it all surging

ever forward to the ending of it all: