He likes men who can smirk. Their lips closed over teeth. A gleam in their eye that looks like money, and sex, and violence.

The ones who can hold their own. And start the fight as often as they end it. Which is always.

He likes the guys with dimples, and lines. Who lie with their smiles while a gun sits tight against their spine, beneath their shirt.

He likes the ones with petrol stained hands, and sweat slicked necks. With muscle under tanned and scarred skin. And calluses on the palms of their hands.

The men who command and control with an iron fist. Who's every move is watched by every other man, and who only watches closer back.

He likes the smell of leather on their skin, and the scrape of salt and pepper stubble. He likes their voices sounding like whiskey and smoke. Their hands rough in his hair, or on his skin.

He likes lines by their eyes, the clink of a buckle, and the hiss of a belt on denim. The crack of leather as they call him 'pretty' and 'little' and 'boy'.

And 'whore' and 'slut' and 'greedylittlebitch'.

The man who deals out punishments like candy. Who isn't afraid to leave his thighs streaked red with handprints. To treat him like a toy.

He likes the man who likes him to beg. Say 'I need' and 'Please' while he smiles down at him, and wipes the tears off his cheeks.

The man who made him shake and shiver. The one who made him frightened and bold. Cold and hot.

He loved the man who held him tight. Soothed him. Said 'It's okay. You did good for me. So good."

And 'I love you. You're mine'

The one who left a scar that nobody would see.

He doesn't like the man who leaves.

And ruined him for everyone else.


Who can smell daddy issues? -raises hand-

I got the inspiration looking at Pictures of Jeffrey Dean Morgan (P.S I love you, Grey's Anatomy) Robert Downey Jr (Iron Man) and Josh Holloway (Lost). Freakin' sexy men, that, when combined, put this picture in my head and wouldn't let go.

This will now be a multichaptered fic. First chapter is up, and the story is titled 'boy in the backseat'. If you like. Go read....and reveiw?



P.S Anyone waiting for an OBWAT? Update. It's coming. Soon. I promise.