She cracked one eye open, the darkness swirling for a second until she could make out his form. He was still there, silent as a specter, still as the unmoving old oak they sat under. His face revealed no tension; no lines were drawn across his pale skin, no telltale tightening of the corners of his mouth, no twitch of his eyebrow. His chest and shoulders rose and feel slightly, steadily, with his light breathing, breathing that was at this stage unconsciously done. The rest of his body was relaxed but strong—his back straight, his arms at ease, hands in lap, leg muscles solid but not quivering with effort.

"You're not concentrating," he chastised lightly, peeking open one eye at her, a small smile playing across his lips. It was too dark to see the amber swirls of his eyes but she knew they were there and smiled in return.

"How's a girl to concentrate when there's a handsome naked guy in front of her?"

His smile was wide now, full blown. "Sheer will. Come on, love, you know what I look like naked. We didn't come out here to stare at each other."

Grinning lopsidedly, she closed her eyes again, trying to put the image of him out of her mind and focus on her own inner core.

The moon tonight was full and high in the sky; the perfect time for meditation under the ultimate source of power. She stilled her mind, willing herself into the deep trance, the unbreakable focus. Her years of practice served her well now as it was much easier to put herself into the trance.

Silently, mentally, humming with a power greater than herself, twined with herself, she pulled the light down from the moon and bathed herself in it. It flowed through her, slowly from her head on down, so slowly, until her entire body glowed, her core white and bright and strong. She felt at peace, still but unable to keep the slight tremble that was within her from being. Her body was invincible, untouchable, a part of a greater being.

Then, slowly, in practiced mental steps, she began projecting the light, the energy, around her body, forming a sphere that encompassed air and earth as well as her own flesh. Patiently, she fed the sphere, her core still bright and still strong, her shield growing around her.

And then suddenly it clashed with his own shield and the two melded together, their white hot energies meshing and spreading through each other, sizzling and calming all at once.

Then she opened her eyes again, just as he opened his. The night was as day in their small corner of the woodland, and as their eyes met through the bright particles that danced around them, they smiled, and were as one.