Play Along

Twelve little monkeys
Just play and follow along
They don't ever question
Where this is going wrong

One little monkey
Was leading the rest
He was supposed to
Know what was best

Two little monkeys
First voiced their fears
When they noticed
Eyes that leered

Three little monkeys
Said again, "It'll be fine.
Just follow instructions
And promise to stay in line."

Four little monkeys
Were the first to go insane
They yelled at the others
To stop playing the game

Five little monkeys
Sat inside their cage
In stony silence they
Were filled with rage

Six little monkeys
Demanded course of action
They started to tear apart
The group into fractions

Seven little monkeys
Vied to take control
As they each promised
To break out of the hold

Eight little monkeys
Suspected there was more
As they failed to find reason
Behind the prison door

Nine little monkeys
Turned to violence that night
And those Eyes took notes
Greedily observing the fight

Ten little monkeys
Let panic take command
As their movements fell
Under the puppeteer's hand

Eleven little monkeys
Had never known regrets.
One sane monkey wondered
Who knew what was best?

Twelve little monkeys
Left a cage in body bags
The janitor with his mop
Was left to clean up the lab.