It was a normal day in the office as usual. Stamp this, file that, and then read the next stupid plan the jerks upstairs thought of. Not that I'm complaining, this job is nice. Of course, any director of the floor you worked on would say that, right?

I checked to make sure the top buttons of my shirt were undone, and I smiled when they were. I slightly pulled my shirt apart some more and crossed my legs to wait. My phone suddenly rang as I was checking my nails. I picked up the receiver and put it to my ear. "Yes?"

"There's a recruit here for training."

"Send them in." I said curtly and hung up. I leaned back in my chair to await the recruit. I moved my turning chair back and forth while waiting until my door opened. I looked over and smiled at the gorgeous girl walking in with a nervous look on her face when she saw my halfway open shirt. "Welcome." I said politely while eyeing her body.

She had a nice tight skirt on while her white blouse complimented her bigger than D-Cup breasts. I motioned for her to sit down in the chair in front of my desk and she did so. I shifted slightly in my chair and uncrossed my legs and then re-crossed them with the other leg on top. I looked down at the profile the company had made for her, and I quietly tapped the part about her availability with my pencil.

She was single thank lord. I put my pencil down and smiled at her sweetly. She returned the smile a little nervously. "Well, I suppose I should start your training… Rose. Cute name." I started to say while leaning back and she nodded quickly. I looked at her quietly and then to my special one-way windows. Nobody could see inside and I made sure to get the door that only opens from the inside unless you have the key or are buzzed in.

I decided to play a little with her seeing as her body was getting me horny. "Now at this company, only one thing matters: sales. It doesn't matter how you do it we only want results. Understand?" She nodded oh so cutely and I resisted my pussy's urges to rip that blouse right off her big tits. "Now on my floor, this one, I like a certain easy way of getting sales." I said while slowly tracing the outline of my exposed upper chest.

I saw her gulp nervously and I giggled quietly. "I like it when employees use a little sex appeal to get their customers hooked." I lied, but I just couldn't help myself. Honestly, I was expecting a guy to come for training, but this girl was helping my mind towards the lesbian zone.

I noticed her shift from discomfort and I decided to up my game. I leaned forward and rested my forearms on my desk, letting her see down between my breasts. I smiled at her reddening face before continuing. "Now do you want me to show you what I mean?" I asked and waited for her response. I smiled darkly as she nodded slowly. I got up from my chair and walked around my desk, making sure to move my hips sensually to make her stare.

It worked and I then stopped in front of her leaning against my desk. Her eyes were glued to mine as I tried my best not to rush like I sometimes did. "First, you have to capture the customer." I said softly while slowly unbuttoning the rest of my shirt.

When I finished, I unconsciously licked my lips. She didn't see my licking my lips though as she was too busy staring at my chest. It wasn't as big as hers, but it still got me a lot of stares. I got off my desk and then sat down on her lap while facing her. Her face had now turned a nice red shade that really made my pussy ache.

"Then after you capture them, you show them what you're selling." I said sexily while leaning my chest towards her and running my hand through her hair. "And then…" I trailed off as I figured she wasn't listening anymore. She seemed too focused on my chest to hear anything I was saying. I smiled softly and when my hand reached the bottom of her hair, I tugged so her head tilted up sharply.

I swiftly kissed her on the lips, making her moan softly. I ran my hands up her arms to her shoulders while we continued to kiss. My hands tried to get the first button of her blouse undone, but when I couldn't get a good hold while kissing her, I gave her blouse a damn and ripped it open. She gasped audibly as my hands skillfully removed her bra and cupped her big boobs. I kissed her deeper while pinching both her nipples tightly and then rolling them.

She moaned into my mouth with each pinch, and she loved it as I felt her nipples go hard. I felt the wetness between my legs grow and I moaned softly because of my lace panties rubbing against my aching pussy. I didn't need to do anything about it after that as she sensed my problem and her hand slipped into my panties and her fingers ran along my pussy. That made me tremble and open my mouth slightly.

I moaned as her tongue took the opening and darted into my mouth, rubbing against my tongue. I felt in Heaven as her tongue twirled around mine and her fingers playing at my entrance. I groaned quietly as she teased my womanhood proudly. "Oh fuck…" I whispered and she smiled softly before sliding a single finger into my pussy. I moaned while squeezing her breasts tightly, loving her soft tit in my hands. I bucked against her fingers as she added two more into my wet folds.

I was supposed to be the one doing the training, not her. But I didn't care as long as I was getting pleasured. I bounced against her fingers slowly while we kissed with tongue more. I pinched her nipples hard, making her sweet moan come out of her mouth again. That got me even hornier as I started kissing her neck. Her three fingers were flowing in and out of me easily, making me moan louder. She added a fourth and I was in sinful Heaven. I moaned a few more swears and humped against her fingers.

She kissed me and used her free hand to put on the back of my head so I didn't pull back. Like hell I was as I pulled at her hard nipples. We were both moaning into each other's mouths as she finger-fucked me harder and faster. I felt pure bliss shoot through my body before I tightened around her hand and cummed all over it. I moaned loudly against her mouth as my cum wet my panties and skirt. I watched her remove her hand from my panties and lick it slowly.

I moaned softer as I watched my cum slide down her tongue, some even sliding down her chin. I felt like cumming again just watching her. Next thing I realize, she had my shirt and bra off and she sucking on my breasts. I moaned again, but not as loudly as she twirls her tongue around my nipple. She gives my nipple a good bite, making my head go back as I moaned more. She chewed my nipple sexily while I watched. I pushed her head so she could get more of my breast into her mouth, and she gladly did so.

I felt my whole body get hotter as she abused my tits without a fucking care. I moaned loudly and then got off of her. She stood up as well and she kissed passionately. Though I had other plans, I found myself sitting on my desk while she kept kissing me hard. She suddenly stopped and I groaned at the loss of her lips. My eyes were hazy as I panted quietly. I felt something cover my mouth, and I blinked to see Rose holding a roll of duct tape. "Just to keep you from screaming," she said lowly in my ear and I moaned against the tape.

I felt her hands runs down my legs and I knew what she was going to do. She had my panties down to my ankles and I heard her giggle at my wetness. She blew on my pussy softly and I moaned while some cum leaked out of my entrance. Suddenly, I screamed against the tape, as her tongue had been thrusted into me while her hands pulled my folds apart. I humped against her tongue and put my hands on her head to make her go deeper. She did, and I couldn't feel my body moving as it humped madly against her tongue that twirled around.

Her tongue rubbed against my spot and I screamed again against the tape before cumming straight in her mouth. Her tongue didn't stop at all; actually it seemed to go faster. I rolled my head back as I continued to feed her my sweet honey. After I came a few more times, her tongue left my sore pussy only for her four fingers to return. I felt like exploding at the constant waves of pleasure ripping through my body. The tape covering my mouth was torn off roughly but before I could scream in pleasure, she kissed me roughly, making my scream go into her.

I felt my cold desk against my back as her fingers pleasured me beyond what I thought my body could take. I seriously thought I was about to pass out after orgasming greatly, but I stayed as she took her fingers out of my pussy and ran them down my body, covering it with my sweet cum. My tits were sticky with my cum as she continued her hand lower. I moaned as she do so, but it really made me moan as she traced my cum around my womanhood.

She smiled and then I felt her tongue run down the trail of cum on my stomach, and she gave my pussy one last long slow lick before standing me back up. I felt dizzy as she kissed me again and I felt her large boobs press against mine, making them both sticky with cum and sweaty from our fucking.

I slowly lend her to my chair and I sat down, almost falling, onto it. She sat on my lap and rested her head on my shoulder while blowing gently on my ear. I reached for my phone and put a finger to her lips to quiet her. I tried to compose myself as I pushed a button and my secretary right outside my office picked up on the other end. "Yes?" I heard she ask and I smiled at what I was going to do.

"Yes, well could you empty your desk by 6pm?" I asked calmly without moaning as Rose had my finger in her mouth. My secretary took a while to answer. "Why?" She asked clueless of what we just did. "We found someone to replace you. She's far better, works for less, and knows how to turn work in on time." I said while speaking the goddamn truth. Rose was far better, she would probably work for less if I added a few "rewards" to her work, and she should be able to pleasure me on time.

My secretary was silent before slowly replying. "I guess…" She mumbled and I smiled deviously as she was probably crying. "Thanks. Oh, and don't forget to set your clock forward one hour." I said and I heard her swear loudly as it was nearing four o'clock. I hung up the phone and relaxed until Rose bit my finger lightly to get my attention. I looked at her while smiling.

"Does this mean I get to work as your secretary?" She asked and I shook my head slowly. "You'll be that and more, you fucking pleasure." I said before kissing her and she kissed me back softly. She smiled against my lips while I opened my drawer and handed her one of my spare shirts. She took it before licking my lips and putting it on without caring for her bra. I could see her hard nipples poke out and I moaned quietly. "So what time do you want me here?" She asked and I thought about it before running my hand down her back.

"How about around 7:30am?" I said and she nodded happily. She got off me, and I was amazed that she still had energy left. God, if she wasn't tired yet, I will be having fun getting her tired tomorrow. That is, if I managed to get out of my chair. She leaned down and kissed my lips softly. I smiled and squeezed her tight ass playfully. "See you tomorrow." I said before smacking her ass and she moaned softly with a smile.

Oh lord, she loved pain? Tomorrow was going to fun. Real fun. Not just a quickie like usual. I wanted her screaming next time. I watched her leave my office with a last sexy glance back at me. I slowly got my clothes back on after the door closed and locked itself. People always say having a job is the worst. If that were true, those people are idiots at least to me. This job had finally gotten enjoyable by a lot.