(Written in Rose's POV)

I rolled awake and yawned before sitting up. I looked over at my clock and saw that the alarm wasn't even close to going off. I guess I was too excited for work that I woke up early. I got out of bed and went to brush my hair. After that, I looked over my clothes to find what I should wear. I don't bother wearing bras to bed cause they hurt too much.

Plus, it feels better with the velvet blanket against my bare chest and my usually hard nipples because of it. I decide simple wins for today and put on just a regular white button-up blouse and a suit top over it, but just so the blouse can be seen (which wasn't very hard to do).

I slide a skirt on and twirl around while watching myself in the mirror. I look through my accessories and put a few ring bracelets on my wrists before deciding to wear a black tie with a pink heart at the tip of it.

I don't care what people say; girls plus ties equals hot. I tie my hair up so it's not down my back and I grab my bag to head to my new job.

I bit my bottom lip as I looked at the floor directory on the first floor. I completely forgot which floor I was supposed to go to. Well, it wasn't all I forgot. I forgot my bra, but that didn't matter as much. I didn't forget my new boss's name though. Jaz. It was simple and cute. After a few minutes of looking at the directory, I finally found which floor I was to go to.

I hopped in the empty elevator and pushed the button. The elevator door slid open when it reached the fourth floor and I stepped out expecting to see people already at work. Strangely enough, I was the only one there. I freaked. Was I too early? I looked at the clock that read 7:24 and I relaxed a little. But why was nobody here?

I looked around till I see the sign pointing to the secretary's spot. My spot. I go there only to see the desk that was there yesterday gone. Did the old secretary take it with her? Great, now what else could happen? I hear a buzzing and the door opened. I jumped slightly when Jaz leaned her head out of the doorway and smiled at me.

"Come on in." She said sweetly and I quickly walked past her into her office. I instantly see the desk that wasn't there before and I hear her laugh quietly. "I had the janitor bring it in. Now nobody else gets to know you but me." She whispered in my ear and I blushed as her hands snaked up my leg and I gasped when her hand reached closer.

I felt her breath on my neck and I stuttered before asking, "Where is everyone?" She laughed, tickling my neck with her breath. "Bed probably. Work doesn't start till 9." She answered and I felt my face get really red. "B-But you said to be in now." I stuttered and she smiled while brushing her lips against my neck. "Yes, I did. Did you really think I could wait till 9 for you?" she asked and I moaned softly as her hand slipped into my panties and stroked up and down my clit.

She smiled again and I felt her hand leave me along with her lips. I must have groaned cause she giggled at me. "Anyway, you'll work in here now with me. You can sit there at your desk or on my lap. Whichever one I want." Jaz said and I smiled slightly. "You simply answer phones, makes arrangements for things, and fetch me things. Understand?" I nodded, as I understood perfectly.

She smiled softly and stroked my cheek with her finger. "Good. I ordered something directly across the street. Go get it. Here's my card in case they ask for it." Jaz said handing me a card with her picture on it. "Oh, and after you get it, check to see if they have anything you want. If you see something, add it to the order." She said and I nodded slowly before putting my bag down and heading out.

Guess what was directly across the street from work? Keep guessing. It was a video store. Sounds normal, right? Nope, it was one of the naughty places, the ones with the X-rated stuff. Turns out Jaz's order were for a couple of DVDs. Sex tapes and such really.

The girl at the register was eyeing me as I decided to look through what they had. Jaz had ordered mainly straight sex tapes, but she did have one or two lesbian ones in there. I picked out some lesbian ones of course that looked nice. I picked teacher and student, sisters, friends, police officers, and nurse videos.

I paid for the ones I picked cause I didn't want to be too bad. I got out of the store as quickly as possible cause that girl at the register was creeping me out. Once back in my work building, I went straight to the fourth floor while trying my best to hide the DVDs from the scarce amount of people inside.

Jaz was waiting for me and I handed the DVDs she had ordered over after getting inside her office. She smiled at them and held her hand out. I placed the ones I had bought in her hand and she looked at them with a soft smile.

"Nice picks." She said and handed them back to me. She went over to her desk and put the DVDs in one of the drawers as I sat down. I had just gotten settled when I heard the elevator ding and the clock beep at 9.

I was exhausted when lunch finally came. I guess Jaz wants to tire me out cause despite her saying nobody would know me but her, she sure did send me out of the office a lot to get things. I barely finished my lunch due to my exhaustion. I was that tired. I felt sweaty while rubbing my forehead. Please say that she doesn't make me do this every day.

Lunch ended and I was back to work. Guess what? From lunch to 15 minutes before the end of work, I sat down probably twice. Go to the mailroom, get these faxed, give these to so-and-so, and get me coffee. I was being driven into the ground. I finally got to sit down finally as people outside the office were getting their things ready for them to leave for the day.

If I could feel my feet, I'd be doing the same. I heard Jaz giggle as she walked over to me and run a finger along my cheek. "So how was your first day? Tired?" she asked and I groaned a reply. She giggled and turned my chair towards her.

"Then I suppose I should make you do more tomorrow seeing as you can still answer me." She said and I would of groaned again if I had the strength. "Please no…" I managed to whisper weakly and she giggled again. "I guess I could give you less to do tomorrow, but only if you stay overtime." Jaz said and I didn't have any will to refuse.

As everyone left, I watched jealously while Jaz finished her work and stepped over to my desk. I felt her hand on my neck and I looked up to her as she smiled. "You're really sexy when you're tired." She said and I felt myself get pulled off my chair. Jaz then sat me on my desk and my hazy mind went blank as she kissed me softly.

I moaned softly while her hands removed my suit top and tie, and then squeezed my braless boobs tightly. I gasped audibly and she giggled. "Mmm, not wearing a bra? Were you waiting for this?" Jaz asked and I moaned when she found my nipples through the blouse and pinched them. She removed my blouse and started kissing down my neck to my boobs before licking one of my nipples.

I leaned my head back and moaned while she continued to play with my nipple. I felt wetness between my legs and I moaned loudly as she bit my now rock hard nipple and pulled it. I thought I was going to faint, but that thought vanished when she slid three into my pussy and started fingering me like the goddess she was. I helped her by removing my skirt and sliding my panties down so she'd have better access.

She thanked me by giving my hard nipple a long lick before moving her mouth to my other nipple. Her fingers pushed deeper into my wet pussy and I groaned in pleasure as she had found my g-spot and started rubbing it. I trembled from the sensations and Jaz left my hard boobs back to mouth. She kissed me roughly and added another finger to my pussy.

I moaned loudly against her lips as she pressed her lips harder against mine. Our tongues were wrestling, my boobs were bashing against hers, and all the while I was humping madly against her fingers. God, I love this work. I was about to burst when she started trailing kisses down my body without losing a beat to her finger-fucking me.

I rolled my head back to moan, but what came out was a scream of pleasure as her fingers were removed and replaced with her sweet tongue. I instantly came into her mouth, but she didn't stop then. Even as cum rolled down her chin, she kept her tongue in me as I experienced pure pleasure. I was panting loudly after the fifth or sixth orgasm when she finally removed her tongue and kissed me softly on the lips.

I tasted myself on her tongue and I wanted more. We just stayed there for a while not doing anything but panting and kissing. A few minutes later, she leaned back and smiled to me. "I don't suppose you'd mind coming over for dinner?" she asked and I smiled a yes. She smiled back and kissed me again before helping my tired self get my clothes on.

She picked up my suit top and looked at me. "Tomorrow, I'm going to have you wear something better. Though that tie was hot." She said and I smiled back till I thought, weren't we just going to have dinner? I guess "dinner" includes desert and sleeping together cause that's exactly what we did when we got to her house.