WARNINGS: Rated M+. Mild violence, sexual content and supernatural themes. This is a fictional story.


Anamchara = soul mate
Tá tú go h-álainn= you're beautiful
a shíorghrá= my eternal love
col ceathar = cousin.

"I haven't been bound to Darick, so you destroy nothing with my death! You will simply piss a lot of people off, sealing your own deaths." Darick heard her shout as he opened his eyes.

He found himself standing behind four vampires that had her backed into a corner.

"A situation I plan to rectify immediately. You should have been bound to me the moment you awoke. You are mine, Kyra, and once I dispose of these soul sucking parasites we shall be returning home and not leaving our bed for a week." Darick growled, surprising not only Kyra, but her four unpleasant companions also.

"The Alpha!" Delano hissed, turning to face Darick.

Darick's eyes swept the room, landing on a samurai sword, mounted on a far wall. Teleporting to the weapon and back in a swift second, the sword firmly in his grasp, he faced the leech that approached him.

"Well, this does rather make things more convenient. We don't have to waste our time drawing you out. Oh how I love it when the prey comes out to play!" Delano laughed, his posture relaxed.

"You discount me so easily?" Darick smirked, twirling the blade, enjoying the sound of metal slicing through air.

"Fleabags don't deserve acknowledgment. Prepare to die mutt." Delano sighed, as if bored already.

Lunging forward rapidly, Darick swung at the vampire, missing him by a fraction of an inch. They danced back and forth, dodging blows and attacking; moving so swiftly, their actions were all but a blur to Kyra's eyes.

Kyra whimpered as she felt Darick get scratched along his chest. Retreating slightly, he looped the blade in front of him, shielding himself from an attack as he pressed a hand to his shallow wound.

Laughing, Delano advanced, straight into the werewolves trap. Swinging the sword in an arc suddenly, Darick beheaded the vampire in one foul swoop before driving the weapon straight through his heart. Delano disintegrated before Kyra's eyes, as did his three friends. All that remained was a light scattering of black dust.

"I – how – what just happened?" She stammered, taking a step away from the wall.

Tossing the sword to the floor, Darick rushed to her side, drawing her into his chest. His lips collided with hers, his hands grasping her rounded hips, lifting her up and pushing her back against the wall. His body pinned hers as her hands sunk into his hair, gripping it tightly. Darick cupped her soft butt in his hands, massaging it as he licked her lips before forcing them open and delving inside her warm, wet mouth.

Kyra's thoughts swirled as Darick possessed her senses. He was all she could smell, all she could taste, all she could touch. He evoked such strong sensations deep within her. The world around her ceased to exist as they shared a precious moment of intimacy. His soft lips, wet tongue and warm skin made her body positively tingle.

They only parted once they ran out of oxygen. Heavily panting, their foreheads rested together, their breathing intermingled, their eyes remaining locked.

"Delano was the coven leader, you destroy the leader and all the others will perish. I'm surprised they did not attempt to tag team me. They died without much of a fight, considering." Darick admitted, softly kissing her lips around his words.

"W-why are you still kissing me?" Kyra asked, trembling from head to toe.

"Because I love you, a shíorghrá." Darick's eyes were filled with warm tenderness as he declared those words to his mate.

"I love you too, but, what about Galain, and the others? They don't want – "

"I told them to shove their demands where the sun won't shine. You are mine, Kyra. Mine. I shall love you until the end of our days. Now let's go home, sweet. I will marry you tonight, and we will be bound together as one." His lips found hers once more as he tightened his arms around her, teleporting back to their mansion.

"Where are we going to find a priest at such a late hour?" Kyra wondered, dizzy from the shift in locations, she clutched Darick's arms firmly.

"Our customs are a little different, love. We only need one werewolf to preside over the ceremony. Zak can marry us, if he's not off gallivanting across the countryside. Wait right here for a moment, love." Darick gently pushed her into the arm chair and moved into his closet. Reappearing, pocketing something small, she watched as he jogged out of the room.

Moments later, he returned with Zak and a handful of people, whom Kyra recognized as family members. Both the men were dressed in black suits, their shirts and jackets hanging open.

"There's a dress in the closet for you, Kyra." Darick smiled, feeling almost giddy as he watched his mate slip into the wardrobe. His heart expanded as he heard her gasp and her thoughts on the beautiful white lace gown.

When she emerged, he could hardly stand still as she approached them, the dress flowing around her attractively, hugging her breasts. In her hands a small bouquet was clasped of white daisies and red poppies, with a sprig of shamrock.

"The white for eternity and purity, daisies for innocence and loyal love, red for passion, and romance, poppies for pleasure, and beauty, and the shamrock for good luck. These all come from Ireland, my love." He murmured, collecting her hands in both of his as she stood before him.

"We're really getting married? Right now?" Kyra breathed, lifting her eyes to meet her mate's as she felt the stares of the others who formed a circle around them.

"Yes, Kyra. Right now, don't worry love, it's a fast ceremony."

"Why aren't we wearing shoes?" She asked abruptly, staring down at her bare toes that peeked out from under her dress.

"It's a tradition, love. It's symbolic of our connection to the earth. You also have a small horseshoe sown into your gown for good luck." He revealed, pressing his lips to her cheek.

"How long have you had this planned?" She giggled, shaking her head.

"Since I first laid eyes on you." Darick affirmed as he gave Zak a nod.

"We're here this night to join this couple, in the sanctity of marriage. If anyone has a reason why these two may not be joined, speak now, or forever hold your peace." Pausing, Zak smiled as all remained silent. "Darick and Kyra, I now invite you to declare your devotion and loyalty to each other." Zak continued.

"Just repeat after me, love." At Kyra's nod, Darick started speaking softly, his mate echoing his words, "I vow to you the first cut of my meat, the first sip of my wine, from this day on it shall be only your name I cry out in the night and into your eyes that I smile each morning; I shall be a shield for your back as you are for mine, no shall a grievous word be spoken about us, for our marriage is sacred between us and no stranger shall hear my grievance. Above and beyond this, I will cherish and honour you through this life and into the next."

"The rings?" Zak wondered, raising his eyebrows.

Dipping one hand into his pocket, Darick produced two beautiful Celtic rings, handing them over to his brother.

"In perfect love and trust, we bind these two souls as one." Zak announced, handing a ring to Darick.

"I, Darick, commit myself to be with Kyra in joy and adversity, in wholeness and brokenness, in peace and turmoil, living with her faithfully all our days. May the Gods give me the strength to keep these vows. So be it." Darick murmured, sliding the ring onto his mate's left hand. Zak nodded, handing a ring to Kyra who repeated the words and slid the ring onto Darick's finger.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife. Kiss the bride!" Zak chuckled. The words had hardly left his mouth before Darick had clutched Kyra to his chest and kissed her passionately.

Claps and cheers erupted around them, yet they were cocooned in their own little bubble. They soon found themselves being congratulated, hugged and kissed by the various attendees.

The happy couple wanted nothing more than to be left alone, their desire for each other burning feverishly. It was quite a while until all the well wishes were received, before they were granted their peace.

"We're married." Kyra whispered, in awe. Her head was resting against Darick's shoulder, as he lightly tickled her back with his hand.

"Yes we are, a shíorghrá." He held her for another long moment before catching her hands and drawing her slightly away. "Are you ready to consummate our marriage?" Darick inquired, his eyes sparkling as his fingers stroked her cheek.

"I'm ready for you." She replied softly, giving her soul mate a lust laden smile, pressing her hips against his.

Groaning, Darick kissed her long and hard, all the while drawing them backwards to the bed. He had waited so long for her, and tonight, he was finally going to have her.

Falling through the curtains, they laughed as Darick maneuvered Kyra beneath him. Her breath caught in her chest as his hands crept over her rib cage, cupping her breasts. They swelled beneath his hands as he leisurely massaged them. The sweet moan that escaped her lips sent joy rippling through his body. The energy flowing between them was incredible; with each touch their joint pleasure grew, as did their want.

Sitting up, he shrugged out of his jacket and shirt, throwing them to the floor. His hands trailed down her thighs, scrunching up the material of her gown until he could push it over her hips, her breasts and finally over her head. The material landed with his clothes on the floor. He hissed as he felt her delicate hands on his pants, undoing the button and slowly lowering the zipper. Darick trembled as she stroked him lightly, hardening under her attention. When her hands slid inside his pants and carefully worked them down his hips, he caught her hands held them above her head, kicking the useless fabric off himself, lest he spontaneously combust.

"You, my love, have sinful hands. They could drive a man insane with ecstasy."

But Kyra didn't hear his words; she was too engaged by the sight before her. Darick had always been beautiful naked, but he was now naked for her, for her pleasure... they were about to share such intimacy. She turned him so he faced her side on, her fingers tracing the elaborate traditional Celtic tattoo that had stood out to her when she had first awoken. A giant cross covered most of his shoulder and back, small Celtic knots and symbols surrounded it, blanketing his skin. Words interweaved the design; the whole piece was done in ebony black ink. The detail of it was astonishing; she loved how wisps of it tickled his ribs and hip. Her tongue gently touched the inked skin, nipping her way up his side. Kyra smiled against him as he groaned and cupped her head, pushing her back down into the bed.

"You are breathtaking, Kyra. I'm so lucky you're mine." Darick murmured, his hands ghosting over her skin, thrilling in the pleasure he drew from her. Moving over her once again, this time their bodies free of the confines of their clothes, they moaned in unison as their skin touched. Heat radiated between them as their lips met and their hands wandered.

It wasn't long before Darick had her writhing beneath him. He delighted in tasting every inch of her skin, in finding all her erogenous zones and teasing them with his lips, tongue and fingers. Once her skin was thoroughly flushed and clammy, his mouth suckled one of her pert breasts, his tongue flicking and swirling around the nipple. Her hands were sunk deep in his hair, her panting almost drowning out the sounds of his wet mouth on her. When she thought she was about to implode from the overload of bliss, he switched to her other breast, beginning over again.

"Darick! Please..." Kyra gasped, squirming under him, just wanting some form of release from her wound up state.

"Patience, a shíorghrá." He chuckled, moving down her body, dipping his tongue into her belly button and lightly nipping the skin. His hands tickled the insides of her thighs before he pushed them open wider, allowing for his shoulders to fit between her.

Inhaling deeply, he cherished her scent, so unique and purely his. He parted her lips and flattened his tongue against her wetness, lapping at her gently as she cried out. Darick used his fingers to massage her clit as his tongue worked her opening.

She came after a few short minutes, her sob of ecstasy elating him. His fingers probed her slick entrance, before he delved one inside. She instantly curved up towards him, forcing his finger inside her further. He moved it unhurriedly in and out, his maddening thrusts driving her insane. The pleasure she continued to feel reverberated in his own body, amazing him as he added another finger, stretching her, preparing her for his body.

"Darick, please. Enough! I want you inside of me!" Kyra cried, her mind awash with passion, pleasure and pure want.

A chuckled answered her plea, yet she felt his fingers slip out of her, and with one last kiss, he was crawling up her body.

Laying his body over her panting one, he rubbed his cock along her swollen, wet slit. His leg hairs tickled her legs, the feeling relayed back to him. Her nipples brushed against his chest, as his did on hers. Her panting breaths were loud and heavy in his ear as he licked and sucked her collar bone. Turning his head, Darick captured her lips with his, kissing her fervently as he plunged deeply inside her.

His body froze as he felt her momentary flash of pain.

She had been a virgin.

Liquid fire raced through her veins as he stilled inside her. He filled her so completely, as his body trembled; he rubbed against a spot deep inside her that shot pleasure up and down her spine.

Your virgin, Darick, please make love to me.

Their slick sweaty bodies slid easily against each other as Darick slowly began thrusting in and out of her. He kept their pace slow, the sound of skin slapping on skin echoed around them. Wet, heated kisses were shared as their bodies moved as one. Their mingled scents permeated the air around them.

He moved his hand between them, touching where they were joined before shifting his hand to trace circles around her bundle of nerves. She quivered beneath him, her body brushing his.

Kyra watched as his bottom lip trembled as he loved her, his short rough breaths washing over her. Her body began to tighten around him, her hips arching of their own accord. Stars flashed before her eyes and a second away from them both reaching their climaxes, Darick stopped, holding completely still as Kyra wiggled beneath him, trying to create some kind of friction.

"Will you be bound to me for eternity, Kyra?" he demanded, hissing through his teeth as she scraped her nails over his firm ass.

"Yes, please, God, yes!" She cried, begging for release.

Smiling tightly as he remained still inside her, he drew an ancient Celtic knife from under one of the pillows. He sliced a cut across his palm, doing the same to Kyra's. Clasping their hands together, he drove inside her one last time, both of them erupting in the most powerful orgasms they had yet shared. They saw fireworks as their bodies milked the others of pleasure, and electricity zinged between them. Instead of feeling sleepy and sated, their need to have each other again seemed to grow, energy raced through them, igniting the flames of desire once more.

"Oh!" Kyra gasped as his cock seemed to grow harder inside her, throbbing in time with the pulsing in her core.

"Yes love, now the real fun begins. We must stay joined for the next twenty hours for us to be eternally bound." Darick huskily chuckled, sucking her earlobe between his lips, biting down on it gently.

"Mmmmm, I like the sound of that." She purred, arching her body up into his, moaning.

"You have no idea. Just thank your lucky stars that our kind has unearthly stamina. We can really go all night long." Darick laughed appreciative of the satisfied cry that sounded from Kyra as he suckled her breast again. "And just wait, a shíorghrá, until we mate together as wolves..."

The End.

© Sasha Smith, 2009.

A/N: Yes, sadly this is the end. There will be a sequel, but I haven't written yet as I'm swamped with college essay, tests and what not, it is planned out an everything, it's just a matter of finding time to create it. Hope you've enjoyed, look for more in the coming future.