Just A Mistake

You looked at me with those big blue eyes,

"Baby it's over please don't cry",

I looked at you and faked a smile.

"Sweetheart it's okay, I'm alright"

I came back home and cried all night

I just wanted to end my life

I felt sorry for ever fallen in love with you,

But it's just a mistake i'll make new ones too.

Next day I saw another girl with you,

Felt sorry for her coz she didn't know what you were upto.

At lunchtime I saw her crying on the steps.

"Sweetheart it was just a bet"

I felt sorry for her having chosen you,

But she made a mistake she'll make new too.

Soon all the girls were crying over you,

How did you break so many hearts so soon ?

High school ended i never forgot you

Coz baby you showed me whats true.

Five years later I see you on my doorsteps.

"Love I made a mistake", he said.

I nodded my head and agreed big mistake

For breaking the hearts of those who still love you today,

Turned my away and shut the door on his face

Mistakes are what people always make.

I made mine five years ago,

Wont do it again, just want you to know.