"I am in a cage.
The bars...oh how they press in tight.
Around my neck a leash squeezes, choking out my rage.
Shackles on my wrists bind me down...
No matter how I struggle with will and might.

Freedom. That is all I want, all that I crave.
Is there anyone to help me, anyone so brave?
The soul inside me that holds no peace,
Cries, "open up the door and let me be free!"

Leash made of metal which bites into my skin.
Garnet liquid dripping down my body like tears of sin.
I will never escape. I will never see the world.
My master just laughs, the sound being cruel.

I want to be alive. I want to be free.
My soul wants to sing, but doesn't know the melody.
I wish to be in light instead of the dark.
I wish to hear again the beat of my heart.
Breathe into me. Someone give me life.
Please, someone help me get through this strife.

What have I done that you cannot forgive?
Why can't I have my one chance to live?
All I want is this leash cut away...
These chains to be gone.
The iron bars to just fade...
And to have my chance of freedom.

But, alas, I'm still in this cage...
The bars...oh how they continue to press in tight.
And still around my neck, a leash squeezes, choking out my rage.
Shackles will always bind me,
No matter how I struggle...with all my will and might.
So I watch in envy as the light embraces some,
For I will always be in the dark...
With not one opportunity of freedom."