"Listen dear traveler, listen carefully.
I am the voice from thy history.
Do not be afraid, come and follow me.
If thy will answer my call, I will set thee free."

These are the words whispered to him, calling to his heart, pulling at the depths of his soul. Where are they coming from? Who is speaking them with such a beautiful voice that draws him closer to hear more? He knows not where to look. "Where are you my angel? Where are you my nymph? Should I look for thee in song or in a book?" With all these questions, he still does not get an answer. he only gets the embrace of the wind that he seems to chase after. Upon the nights visit, his mind passed into dreams. This is where the maiden is then seen. Twirling spinning, her feet stepping lightly on the ground as she moves on her toes. The sound of silk hugging her body draws and captures his attention. Her arms arched gracefully over her head, the breeze lifting the silk about her arms as if the silk were nothing but pieces or wisps of wind themselves. Her eyes glowed like light behind diamonds and her smile would hypnotize any sort of man. Her body seemed to shimmer as she had oils upon her skin while her hair danced around her slender, soft face.

As she danced, he drew near, his face holding fascination. He was awestruck by such beauty and wondered if something like her could really exists. He must have been lost in his thoughts, the paths crisscrossing throughout his mind, for his feet had carried the soul and heart of his body towards her. Looking upon this young male's face, her gaze held nothing but welcome and invitation as she continued to sway to the whistling of the wind.

"Hello dear traveler, how handsome thou are.
My name is Windora and thou has come to me.
My breeze will be your wings. My words, your guide.
All that I ask of thee is to come dance with me."

She said, her voice being gentle and soft. The breeze in turn touched his face, his bronze colored skin, feeling like a soft kiss from a lover. Reaching out his hand, he didn't notice his feet begin to lift from the ground, the wind swirling around him, holding tight yet gently as if the wind was a mother holding her child. She then bent down, her luscious white hair falling about her shoulder, and took his hand in hear. The instant their palms met, the wind swirled up around them in a gentle caress, feeling like the petals of a rose to a girls lips. Their bodies entwined in perfect harmony. Her's, being the lovely sweet notes of a song and his, being the instruments that play the music. They danced until the morning's dawn bathed the land in warmth and light, its shine breaking over the tops of the trees. When the sun hit her skin, she seemed to become transparent. It was her time to go and he could tell as the smile on her face held sadness as well as her eyes. The wind stopped its swirling caress, setting his feet back onto the ground. Without saying a word, she placed a kiss on his cheek and vanished away with the breeze. This is when he seemed to wake up. He opened his eyes, sighing with content, and watch as the wind danced with the leaves.....

......As the wind danced with the leaves, the sunlight made them glitter. They twirled about, the wind saying its goodbye, and sailed to the ground. The moment they touched the light brown soil, he reached out his hand to cradle them to his chest. No words left his soft, light green colored lips. Only a smile and glowing green eyes were the things that seemed to really speak at all. The leaves shivered, feeling his presence. His smile grew and his heart filled with joy of his creation that he didn't sense the human female watching his tender movements. She was amazed at how careful he was, at how someone with so much strength could be so caring and gentle. Wanting to get closer to him, she stepped quietly on the path, moving like a deer towards him. This is when he sensed her and turned his head, catching the scent of lilacs and lavender. As she drew near, he waited patiently, the smile never leaving his kind face.

When she reached him, a gasp escaped her cherry colored lips. It wasn't in fear that made her gasp, but the sight of his almost darkly intimidating, yet handsome features. Seeing the female look upon him so, he held out his hand, palm turned upward. After a few moments his palm started to glow. Another gasp come from her as the stem, holding a sapphire bud, arose slowly. When the flower had fully grown from out of his palm, it revolved around in a slow circle. The bud, oh the precious, sweet sapphire bud, opened to reveal its treasure of beauty. His gaze went to her shocked face then back to the rose. He then held out his hand, the rose shining in the sun, and offered it to her. Not knowing what else to do, she took the gift and held it close to her heart, taking in it's sweet fragrance.

Watching this sight brought warmth to his heart and made his smile grow even more. He stepped closer to her and she to him as if their souls spoke, telling them to do so. He held her near within his embrace, not wanting to let her go. But upon the night's arrival, she slipped away, only to light a candle. She lit the candle, watching the flames dance, the minutes passing her by. She then go up to go back to him, saying the words, "Good night, Kuya" and left as the flames flickered....

....And as the flames flickered in the nights cool air, they stretched, grew, and spread. They formed her face, they formed her body, then her fiery threads. She opened her eyes, took her first breath, and then began to dance. Her flaming hair licked at her arms as they arched over her head. Her hips, they swayed left and right, while her feet stomped out the rhythm. One, two, step. Three, four, sway, oh how she moved her body. The passion, it burned within her eyes as well as her soul and mind. She kept up the pace to the tribal beat, not having a care. The pace then slowed and almost stopped as her gaze fell upon his face. The light from the flames made his skin look fare. However, the look in his eyes is what held her attention. He was in a trance from watching her move, the fire of her body in his eye's reflection. His face was drawn in as if he were deep in thought, his chin resting on his intertwined fingers. His arms, long and slender, rested upon his knees. No words came from his rose colored lips while he sat and watched her danced.

"Is there something you wish to say, young mortal?
For I only have until dawn.
Not many get to see Embrosia's dance.
They only hear of it through song."

The fire elemental's words rang in his mind. He felt as if he were sipping on sweet nectar or maybe red wine. But the meaning of her words were very clear. This was his only chance to see such a sight and he wasn't going to let it slip by. So, getting up, his body stretching, he took up a closer seat. He didn't care for the flames that were nea, with their blistering heat. He wanted to see her dance once again to that tribal beat. One, two, step. Three, four, sway. Oh how she moved her body. Watching her dance drew him deeper into his trance as she moved like a gypsy. The flames from her hair went down to her hands, swirling around her palms. She gripped the strands and bent her body, bowing her head down. Then, swaying back up, she moved her hands around her body, the flames now made into a fiery shawl.

And thus she continued with her dance, her eyes closed as she felt the movements. Her graceful hands touched her skin, traveling up her neck, and into the flaming strands of her hair. Her hips swayed more, teasing and drawing him closer. Opening her eyes, she could see what he wanted...what he most desired. He wanted to touch, he wanted to kiss, wanted to feel her embrace. But, the dawn was soon coming, she could feel the sting on her back. So, with light steps, she danced around him, letting him feel her heat. Stopping in front of him, she bends down ever so slightly and presses her lips to his. She then pulled away and danced towards the stream, leaving him sitting there with the burning sensation of her kiss. Looking up into the wild wood, he didn't see her at all and wondered if he would ever get the chance to again.

But, at the streams body, the sounds of moaning coming from its mouth, she stood at the shore... almost motionless. Then, turning about, she lifted up onto her toes and arched her arms over her head yet again. Her body then began to shrink, waving...swaying...dancing about as she became the candles flame once more. The stream rushed by this candle, feeling its presence at the shore. Without hesitation, it splashed to the side, and put the candles flame out, leaving a trail of sparkling drops.....

....A trail of sparkling drops that glittered, shimmered, and shined. If you were to stare at them long enough, looking through the suns glare, you might mistake them for crystals or jewels. They sat there for a little while, colors shifting inside them. Then the finger tips of a fragile, small hand of a child reached out, touched the small drops with her fingertips. On contact with her skin, they licked at her fingers. As she pulled her hand away the drops stuck to her skin, like sap to a tree, and she giggled. The sound of the giggle weaved its way into the tresses of the stream, through the tiny waves, going to his home. In the water the sound rang like church bells or maybe played like the song of a mocking bird. Maybe, just maybe, it sounded like the soothing sound of chimes in the breeze, he did not know which, but this seemed to awaken his playful spirit.

Sapphire, crystal like orbs opened to glimpse the sunshine swimming through the water...his home. Oh how it shines when the sun hits the surface just right. His thoughts went back to the sound he had heard as the child giggled again. She was now playing in his arms, not having a care in the world. To be so young, to be so free is what he wished for most. As this feeling ran through his heart, his body took its shape. His face, his arms, his hands then came after and with the sunshine beating through his stream, he looked like a ghost. Looking up with those sapphire jewels, he made his way to her. He rushed through the currents and jumped up high, appearing before her eyes. She screamed with fright and then excitement at his entrance, a smile framing upon her tiny lips, her face holding wonder.

Jumping up once again, he shifting into the shape of a dolphin, wanting to please her. She sat there along the shore of the stream, watching him jump and clapped her hands, giggling once more and reached out her hand. Glass like droplets hung from the soft pads of her fingers, falling like rain back into his stream as he went over to her. He raised up his arm, the water shaping into a hand, and held it out to her with his palm facing towards the sky. With child like curiosity, she reached out further to take a hold of it. He wanted her to come play with him in his home, his life, but knew that wouldn't happen. So, there he stayed, doing tricks for her and watched as she laughed. His heart filled with joy at such a sight and his spirit felt light as a feather. He didn't want this to end.

Without realizing how the time went by, the end of the day came upon them suddenly, hugging their shoulders with shadows and warmth. The sky above the pair was littered with colors and the moon looked like a wolf's eye. He didn't want her to leave, but needed to let her go. So, floating over, he whispered good night then sent her on her way. He watched until the night swallowed her up, his hand waving goodbye. And then, sighing with utter happiness, he dove back into the sapphire depths of his stream, ending the dance of the elements.