Summer heat and Winter ice,
Spring's that blossom and Autumn's clear nights.
Ah yes, the joys of the season,
That make outside an ever changing haven.
What is it about these entities that are so special?
Maybe we'd know if we opened our eyes once in a while.
Hm, suppose you're a Summer person
Who loves the warmth of the sun.
It's in the rays of sunshine that you find your fun.
Then there is you, child of White Winter.
For you it's the snow and ice that holds all the wonder.
Perhaps, you're a flower in the arms of Spring.
When people glance at you they think, "what a precious thing".
And when the time comes, babe of Autumn,
You will paint a master piece with colors of the season.
Whichever the season you call as your own
Or whatever the climate you choose as your home,
The sun will still spin and the earth will still swivel
Green leaves will bloom one month, another they'll shrivel.
So whatever your makeup of season and hue
Know that all of us are trying to find our place, too.