Don't feed your ego no more!
It's too huge to fix in your
last fashion bag style, babe.

You know you look fucking cool,
so calm down and be who you're.

Stop faking your nails,
it's not a cat fight.

Stop pretending it's right,
it's not a sweet time.

* Just make yourself to get it,
it's the song you can't take out,
the ground that shakes hardly,
the lights that hurt your eyes,
it's the dancefloor of your life!

Don't be jealous of her luck!
Her boyfriend's unfaithful to
everybody around you, babe.

You know you like yourself badly,
so be and do what you wanna.

Stop biting your nails,
it's not a game word.

Stop making it right,
it's not a A-B-C - love

Just make yourself to feel it,
it's the only one you can't let go,
the cheers that deafens you,
the people you don't know,
it's the dancefloor of your life!

Take a drink, smile a bit,
take a photo, take your bra,
take a flight to funny-land?

Oki doki, lose your mind,
just don't lose your shoe!
It's clearly he's Mr toad,
hi! nice to meet you, babe,
I don't know you, no at all.

* ........