"I'll be there."
it's those three words that made my heart flutter,
not any other, three - worded half-hearted declaration.

and you were.
there was nothing like seeing you turn that corner,
your scarf twisting a little in the wind
ready here, to guide me home.

"Just wait, and I'll be there,"
you spoke, your voice soft, but hurried,
in the rush to get to me.
i was lost.
i had been left behind.
and you were coming.

and i didn't mind that because of the fact that you hurried, you didn't know exactly where to lead me. and i didn't mind that, for a good minute, you stood there stood there, smiling sheepishly, apologetically (a smile i secretly loved) at me when you had no idea where to go next. and i didn't mind that that our destination was right behind us the whole time, i didn't care, because

i. was. with. you.

you, with your carmel-color eyelashes(which glowed on the tips when the sun peeked through), and golden blond hair, you, the second of your name, but always one of a kind. you with your big smile, and slightly unsure words. you.

and you were here with me. and i really couldn't as for more,
true to your word,
you were there.