The mysteries of secrets part 9

The eagle shall fall; the rage shall freeze the great waters. Four quarters retake those who were murdered.

Than silent for a half hour – than that great king shall be reborn.

The dead shall come of their graves to take an oath – and men shall be numbered. Long awaiting his appear 2777

They shall see the birds flying upside down to sing their songs to he who shall never come – than shall these birds pray on the dead children which should have never been born to woman loving woman.

And those man who love men and the lawmakers who carry them shall suffer to be condemned – and great shall their temple be which shall hold the fire that shall burn them day and night without mercy.

And those who are lover of themselves shall repent before Nero 2 returns. For he shall reign in a brilliant fire – and in the endure shall pass sickness and submit.

And I stop writing to place my pen down.

Ronald Campbell.