Twisted Truth

*When God inserts a soul into a body he divides it, creating two halves. These halves constantly call out to each other but sometimes other signals or events can block their channel. These halves complete each other and when they come together they are impossible to separate. The other half of your soul is often referred to as a Soul Mate.

She'd lost her faith in God.

She couldn't remember when and where at the precise moment, but she'd lost the faith. She'd lost it in the unrelenting, grievous, process of the chase, and she didn't know how to make it come back. She hadn't known the man she had met and spent most of her mornings and nights with was him. Her breath came out ragged. If only she'd known.

She couldn't understand why He would destroy her life like this. Why He would betray one of his own. She was an archangel. A high commander who kept heaven and earth in balance. His royal Messenger. She had worked so hard to gain his favor, she'd lost so much of herself to serve Him. He had been the center of her universe but now… she simply didn't know if he meant everything or nothing.

A shadow fell across her face and she froze, fearful and weary. So he had found her again. She turned and looked into the face of her torturer, tormentor, and lover. With the face of and angel and the lips that could charm any female, this was the true image of a male prodigy. He had the bluest eyes that held fire burning brightly beneath their surface, a fire that threatened to consume her if she let it. Once she had believed that if she had to drown it would be in the river of God's tears, not the fire blazing in the void where his soul was suppose to be. But now all she knew was confusion.

"Gabriel." The prince of darkness beckoned, twisting his sinful smile into a dangerous grin.

"I've found you." Fear leaked through her veins as he glided forward, his feet never touching the floor. It was beneath him to walk.

"Lucifer." Even now she felt the desire churning in her stomach, the need to be close to him nearly overwhelming. But no matter what God or anyone else planned for her she would make her own destiny. She'd given her trust and her body to this man, but she was still one of God's children. She would not give her love to Lucifer. She would fight with her last breath.

"Come now, you can and will end your suffering if only you surrendered." His words were like velvet, fluttering across her skin. Provocative words full of promise and mocking sweetness. Words full of blasphemy. Sin. She spit in his face.

"Never." The Devil calmly wiped his cheek and smiled, digging his sharp nails into her shoulder blades, breaking flesh. He brought his hand to his lips, licking away the dripping crimson that painted them.

"It will be my pleasure to make you pay for that." He gently ran his fingers through her hair and yanked back her head painful, forcing her to gaze into his eyes. She looked deep into the fires of Hell and knew in her heart what would happen if she gave in. Hell would become her home and the gates to Heaven would no longer welcome her.

"You will go back to Hell and rule beside me. Help me destroy mankind and spill blood on this disgusting world. Help me fulfill my revenge against Christ and his Angels. You are destined too. Only you." Her eyes narrowed. She'd never betray the children of earth or her Holy Father. It would be an unforgivable sin, one that she would carry in her soul for eternity.

"No." A sharp kick in the gut brought her to her knees and a blow to the back of her head made the world spin. Her vision throbbed with red as cruel laughter echoed off the wet brick walls of the alley, singeing her eardrums.

"Look at you now, kneeling before me like you rightful should be." He crouched down and tenderly cupped her cheek, gazing directly into her eyes. "Are you praying to your God right now? He will not help you my Angel. You belong to me as I to you. He made this so." The pain vibrating through her skull wasn't as nearly as painful as the truthful ring of his words. God had sold her soul to the Devil and it was nonrefundable.

"Gabriel. Remember the nights you spent lying in my arms. You calmed the raging fire within me, if only for a moment. You were with me then, come back to me now." He gently lowered her into his arms and began to rock, the pain she once felt before instantly vanishing at his touch. "Must I teach you the ways I adore you again?" His tone was loving and devious. She felt his body call and hers rose to meet him. She quickly squashed her urges. Her mind flashed with warnings but her body betrayed her, only feeling the safe touch of a lover. She had no doubt that in his own twisted way he cared for her and that was unacceptable. When the Devil loved you be prepared to expect death, pain, and blood in your wake. She had learned this the hard way, when the corpses of her human champions lay littered all over her apartment. Blank eyes unseeing and filled with unimaginable terror. He'd kill them all.

"Your God," He spoke her Father's name with acid on his tongue. "He designed the universe and all the creatures within. To every creature He made another half." He ran a finger up her arm leaving a trail of ice and fire on her skin.

"A Soul Mate." She squeezed her eyes shut, wanting to deny it, wanting to deny that God had not forsaken her, not his most faithful servant. She shed tears for her soul and her humanity that she might come to abandon in the oblivion of Hell.

"Who else could be a perfect mach for a Archangel if not another Archangel." Gabriel turned away from the truth.

"You are no angel Lucifer." Her mouth burned, for his name was starting to sound too good on her tongue. He purred with delight.

"But I use to be my love, even then, when I began to plot my betrayal against God I felt oddly about you. Then I thought it was simply weakness but now I know the truth. God made you for me and one day soon I will make you see you have no other choice in the matter."

He placed a hand on her chest and pulled the air from her lungs, suffocating her. She clutched at her neck, her lungs begging for oxygen. Her eyes began to roll back into her head and she wondered where she would wander in the afterlife. To Heaven, or to Hell?

"No, no, love, I won't kill you." He chuckled.

"No yet." He leaned down and touched his lips to her, breathing air into her lungs. Her body instantly came to life and she once again began to choke, trying to push back the chilly liquid that was now traveling through her body and freezing her organs. His blood gushed down her throat, as cold as winter's ice. Her body numbed in shock as the Devil's blood reeked havoc in her body.

She flipped onto her back, vomiting. She gazed at the black sticky liquid that lied in a puddle beneath her, the same liquid that dripped down her mouth and chin. She wiped it away with horror and disgust. He had given her the Kiss of Death and she knew the coldness that seeped into her heart was a mark of evil. He'd claimed her as his own and this angered her greatly. She turned and glared at the exiled angel who was the source of all her misery. God had taught her to never hate, because hatred was like poison that traveled through a vein. It infected and spread throughout the body until you died alone, slowly and painfully.

But at that moment she had never felt so much hate and loathing. She detested and cursed him in every language she knew, but this only brought a smile to his face.

"I always knew you had it in you. The hatred feels so heavenly doesn't it? It's like a drug you know, once you start you can't stop." She felt helpless and sick with sadness and hate, she just wanted it to end.

"And it will," He said reading her mind. "as soon as you surrender your heart to me." She stumbled on the verge of submission but then something strange happened. She heard a voice she once knew.

Do not give into temptation. It was one of the Commandments. Her eyes widened. She knew that voice. It was the voice of God. Lucifer roared with anger and looked to the sky.

"DO NOT INTERFER!" She struggled to stand, her legs shaking with the effort but she stood tall and proud in front of her enemy. Just like her dear friend Jesus had taught her too. God had given her strength and she couldn't lose hope now that her faith had slightly been restored.

His eyes glowed harshly and he grabbed her chin, digging gashes down her cheeks. He smiled with malevolence, pressing her face close to his. Whispering into her ear.

"You can delay me forever. In the end you will be mine." He shoved her onto the floor and when she looked up he was gone, erased like he had never existed. She grabbed at the wet brick wall and pushed herself up, taking in a deep fresh breath. She felt the cold empty evil inside her expand with each breath, an evil mark that would track her every move for the rest of her faded life. His blood was now her blood. He wanted them to become one.

He was real and he wouldn't stop pursuing her until she surrendered her heart and gave him her love and devotion. Both at which she'd once freely only given to God. Though He had given her a little strength she had a feeling that this was going to be the last time they spoke for a very long time. She still could not simply forgive him, He had taken away everything she knew that was warm and safe and knowingly gave her over to the darkness. She couldn't easily forgive and forget. Only time would heal her scars though she didn't know how much of hers remained.

She forced herself up against the cold brick wall and hobbled to the east, into the setting sun that lit the horizon. All she could do was keeping moving and hope for her salvation, because now she had no one. She could only love herself. It will have to be enough. She looked up into the quickly darkening sky.

But if it wasn't….. She wiped her tears away. If she killed herself she would only make it easier for him by going straight to Hell.

She'd have find a way. She didn't know what to do in the face of this question.

What would you do if Satan was your soul mate?