Hey, guess what? I'm STILL writing about the same guy!

I've been waiting all week to put this on here! I was originally going to wait another month or so, because I was paranoid about someone else on the literary magazine staff finding it on here and thinking I'd actually plagiarized it. But the chances of that happening are pretty slim, and I just really like this poem, and I really like who it's about, and it got some really amazing feedback from the staff this morning. I hope everyone on here likes it as much as they did!

An alternate reality sings softly from across the room

Visible, but impossible to see,

Selfish with the power to turn this room into a universe

In which "window" and "mirror" are synonymous


I left my own to come here,

Trading endless seas of beauty for mere glimpses

Lids create a barrier too powerful for words,

Steadfast in a fog of my curiosity


Screaming fingers seem muffled now

And your mind, once so captivating,

Only leaves me longing

For a journey to the world behind your eyes