10 minutes

He said 10 minutes. 10 minutes then he'll take me home. 10 minutes and we'll be alone. 10 minutes, we'll be away from this party. 10 minutes is a short time.

It has been -8 minutes since he has told me 10 minutes. I sighed, taking out my cell phone to dial his cell phone number. I pushed send and waited for a second before I heard his cheerful ringtone outside by the driver side window. I looked towards the sound and there he was. I shut my phone and watched him.

He climbed into the car slowly, a back pack in hand. He placed the bag in the back seat then smiled at me.

"You said 10 minutes," I told him.

"I got caught up with an old friend," he said, his eyebrows rising a bit at me. Then he gave me that smile.

That smile got me to have sex with him for the first time, the one that got me to bail him out of jail on prom night, and the one that has me waiting ten minutes for him.

He leaned towards me that smile on his lips as he pressed his lips against my nose in a kiss.

I love him.

He loves me.

I believe him.

But there are those small 10 minutes between us.


The bed didn't shake, it didn't make much noise, I didn't moan like a porn star and he just breathed out a lot. We were quiet.

His old boyfriends and girlfriends use to tell me that he was wild in bed. That he would fuck and tease them into loving him. I wondered why it wasn't like that with us.

When he had heard that one of his old toys got a hold of me, he whispered so quietly that I still doubt he even said it.

"We make love."

I could've cried with happiness right then but I just stared at him with a smile which caused that smile.


I was 15 when I first met him. My neighbor was a football player, the one that was really into partying. He was holding a party the weekend I met him. Our parents were out of town because they all went to a spa in the next two towns over for the weekend. The football player asked if the party could use my pool. I said yes because he promised that I wouldn't get beat up by the football team anymore.

It was a fair trade.

He had wandered in my house around mid-night, even though there was a sign posted outside the door that this house was off-limits. He either didn't care, he was stoned or he was drunk. I'm not sure.

I was in the living room when he wandered in, watching a movie with Brad Pitt in it. He coughed softly causing me to jump and turn around to look at him. All of the lights were off and the only thing showing me who he was, was the flicker of a candle and the TV.

"This house isn't part of the party," I told him. He continued to stare at me then gave a frown.

"I have to piss," he told me.

"Then go next door," I said standing up, only in my boxers and a small army patterned tank-top.

"I just have to pee then I'll leave," he bargained, raising his hand to form a V thing like they do in Star Trek, "promise."

I pointed down the hall, "second door to the left."

Then he wandered off to the bathroom. I knew who he was. He was slightly famous in our school for being a player. His nickname was even Check, short for checkmark. Earned when he had sex with all of the cheerleaders within a month, this of course included the male cheerleaders as well.

I sat back on the couch wait a minute before going back to my movie.

10 minutes pasted and I still didn't see him leave the bathroom. Worried I stood and walked down the hallway to the bathroom. I paused at the door, knocking a few times.


I pushed opened the door to see no one. I scanned the room and still nothing. Maybe he already left, but how, he would have to pass me to leave.

He had found the stairs.

I found where he was when I was going to sleep. I slipped in my bed and there he was.

He was lucky that I didn't kick him out because I was in half-mind to do so. He was just lying there, close to the wall, sleeping peacefully. I sighed and left to go sleep in my parent's room.


He continued to crash at my place, whenever he was tired partying he would somehow get to my house and wander in like he did that one night but this time through the bathroom window because our doors started to get locked at night after the first night he wandered in.

I freaked out at first. What would you do if some high/drunk guy climbed into bed with you?

I kicked him and went to scream but he managed to cover my mouth. He rolled on me and just laid there and whispered, "can I sleep here tonight?"

I couldn't say anything since he was still covering my mouth.

I would've said no but when he uncovered my mouth, he was already asleep.

I explained to my parents that he was a friend from school going through a rough time. We unlocked our doors again. Truth was, we never even talked at school.

It was my sixteenth birthday when he showed up before mid-night. It was actually five at night when he showed up, a bag in hand and that smile. He was the only one that showed up to my birthday, not even my close family had showed up and I didn't have any close friends at school because I didn't like to be in big crowds.

I was the black sheep of my family. The child born out of wed lock. The child that is gay. The child who refused to worship his God and savoir.

My parents didn't care what I did as long as I was happy when I did it.

Check thought my life was some kind of cruel fairytale and he was my knight coming to save me from the evil dragon grandparents.

We were sitting down to dinner when he asked me.

He asked me out, staring only at me as my parents stared at him like he was an alien.

He asked me out on a date.

A real date.

I said yes.


Four months into our relationship, the ten minutes came along.

"Hun, I'll be back in ten minutes."

"I have to go check on something. Ten minutes, kay?"

"I'll be ready in ten minutes."

"Sweetie, ten minutes. I promise."

"Stay here. I'll be out in ten minutes."

"I thought you said ten minutes?"

Then that smile.


Six months of dating. His graduation day. The day.

We snuck upstairs into his bedroom, away from the guest downstairs, away from his noisy parents, from his friends, everyone.

I stared into his eyes. His beautiful aqua blue eyes then whispered those words. The words that made him smile, the smile. Not that smile but this smile.

"I love you."


"A year together tomorrow," my mother noted to me as we sat together at the dinner table.

"Are you planning anything to do together?" my father asked.

"We are just going to stay in and watch a movie," I told them.

My parents didn't approve of him at first but they warmed up to him. I think it was at Christmas time, he came over, sicker than a dog. My family was in the middle of unwrapping gifts.

With his stuffed red nose, he handed my parents the gifts he bought them. He turned to me, looked me dead in the eye and said, "I didn't buy you a gift. So I'm going to give you my heart."

I stared at him, "Well, that puts what I got you in the trashcan."

He laughed, kissed me softly then left to go back home to his family.

"That sounds nice," my mother commented, "Why don't you boy watch it here? Your father and I will be going out of town tomorrow morning for that meeting; you'll have the house to yourselves."

It was like they knew what I was planning on doing tomorrow. I plan on having sex with him for the first time. I mean, sure we've played around together. Almost coming close to having sex but one of us would back out in the last minute.

Him, wanting to wait until the right time.

Me, I was scared shitless.

The next day, he kissed me long and hard. Telling me he loved me and me telling him that I loved him. It was one of those gross cute couple moments.

When the time came for us to go to sleep, both of us were quiet. We slowly made our way up the stairs to my room.

I took a deep breath as we entered the room. Slowly we got around for bed, undressing into our sleepwear, that is when it hit.

The desire to kiss him.

No shirt on, only in my boxers. I kissed him.

He kissed back.

The next thing I knew he was slowly going in and out of me. His eyes closed tight, his breath slow. I could tell he was trying to keep his cool.

I moved my hips slightly upwards to remind him that I wasn't made out of glass.

I saw aqua blue stars the rest of the night.


Eight thirty one at night.


Eight thirty three at night.


Eight thirty five at night.


Eight thirty seven at night.


Eight thirty nine at night.


Ten minutes.


I could hardly believed that he has stayed with me. I graduated today and he was still in love with me. None of his friends would believe it. I couldn't believe it, but there he was lying next to me in bed. Sleeping without a care in the world. I touched my hand to his chest, running it across his smooth skin.

I leaned up and pressed my lips to his chin and whispered, "If you'll love me forever. I'll love you even longer."

"Not if I love you even longer then the longer that you'll love me."

His voice caused me to jump which caused him to laugh at me which caused me to climb on top of him and kiss him into the next day.


In ten minutes I'm going to break up with him.

Ten minutes is too far of a space between us. Ten god damn minutes.

Nine minutes left. I took a deep breath. He went into the house a minute ago promising me ten minutes.

Eight minutes left. I was shaking. My body a little chilled from the cold air that was let in when he had opened the door two minutes ago. The cold was not why I was shaking though.

Seven minutes until I leave him. If he doesn't come back in these seven, no…

Six minutes, these six minutes. Them I'm going to break up with him.

Five. I don't need him.

Four. I don't NEED him.

Three. I hate these ten minutes.

Two. I hate him. I HATE HIM.


"Hey, sorry about that," he said as he climbed in the car, "I thought Jon was going to be here. Guess not."

I didn't say anything, just stared at him.

"What?" he questioned.

"I love you," I told him.

He gave me that smile. Not that smile, but this smile.

This one smile that I've only seen once before.

Ten years ago when I first whispered 'I love you' to him.

"I love you too," he told me back, the smile still on his lips.

Ten minutes isn't that long.


Author's Note: I wanted to kill someone in this. I always want to kill someone in my serious one-shots. I have no idea why. Okay. I didn't edit this. I wrote it at 5 in the morning in my notebook while watching Sex and Death 101 on my laptop. I don't know where I even got the idea from. I just wrote on and on about Ten minutes though.

Also, I know it is confusing in some parts because I was go back and forth in time but that is how I wanted it. I like it though. This is probably one of my favorites. Also, I know that I didn't give the narrator a name. I didn't want too. OKay bye.