What would you do if you finally got everything you have ever wanted, just to find out that your life is coming to an end?

Even when Jessica Connors was a child she despised Jake Willams. She hated everything about his womaniser ways.

So was she feeling OK, because she just had a one night stand with him?

That one night stand leads to many surprises.

She never stops hating him until his charming ways become too much for her to handle, having her weak at the knees until she realises she is giving him something she couldn't believe he always wanted - one of those things being her heart.

Her life becomes everything she has ever dreamed of.

But dreams don't last forever, do they? Someone wakes you up eventually.

And when someone wakes Jessica up she is greeted by a past that is determined to haunt her, resulting in her being forced to reveal something she had firmly planned on keeping to herself.

But Jessica doesn't want to wake up from her dream-filled life, and she can pretty damn stubborn. She hides the most devasting secret, because she refuses to shatter the dream of the one man she cannot live without - even if it means sacrificing hers.