A/N WTF IS THIS? It's sort of a half poem, half story reflecting pretty much Nate Lorin's thoughts on Roxanne from my story "Summer Soundtrack" Sort of anyway. I had a sudden burst of inspiration to write something so here it is, review it you want. It's kind of strange.

Ocean Current

She wore shiny ribbons in her hair
The colour of vermilion, not red, she would correct me

My definition of beautiful were the eyes on her face and the heart on her sleeve

Her definition of beautiful were the stars in the sky
That according to her, sat on the top shelf
Where most magnificent things rot away out of our reach
And it was such a waste, to live on the bottom with long forgotten Skipper and GI Joe

I told her that all the balls of gas in the sky disappeared anyway, blinking out one by one
Above the
Ocean was her second favourite place in the world
She called it her "emerald, turquoise, celadon, sapphire" home
And many other adjectives I haven't heard of

When we fought, she spit out a slew of adjectives at me- many that I didn't know
But I figured weren't nice
"Naive, obnoxious, absurd, simply stupid."

So I took her to the beach

I once saw her dive in her emerald and swim, swim, swim until she started to fly
Screaming between laughter, she told me to call her "Butterfly"
But if she was a butterfly, then I was a moth
Reminding me that I would never, ever stare at the moon and wonder why
Something so pretty had to be on the top shelf

Instead, I shouted, "What's your first favourite place in the world?"

I watched as her wings started to decay
She crash landed on the sandy beach right by my side

"Perhaps in your arms?"