I feel like running and hiding
and dying
on a beautiful sunny afternoon,
life is too real,
too sudden
this all came on too soon,

and I want to start over
why can't I start again?
Will you be my only friend
if I tell you this will be the end
of me,

will you let me begin
will you let it end
tonight, again

this is my last to chance
to forget
to breathe
to sing
to live
to feel,
to be again.

Will you still be my friend
when I am hidden
bedridden with this illness
I gave myself?

this is my redemption,
for all that I have been
will you let me love again

Will you blame me for hiding
in the beautiful sadness
of this melody,
my favorite song and me
ending on this sunny afternoon,
heartbreak and homelessness
its notes are my freedom,
so let's start this over,
Don't let this be over.