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It's No Surprise
Summary: After breaking up, Addy Rosch 23, just as crazy, sarcastic and violent as ever, never thought she'd see Matt Silent, handsome and arrogant, again. Addy really should have known better, she discovered a long time ago how vindictive fate could be.
Chapter One: And God I Hate Him.

It's been six years, two months and three days since Matt took my to Junior Prom. We share two mostly wonderful on and off years when almost to the day, freshman year of college he walked out of my life without so much as a glance over her shoulder when he went. I finished art school with honors, never once meeting Matt on my trips home to visit Dad and Angie, and my baby sister Peyton, who is near spitting image of my step-mom except she's blonde. I graduated art school two years ago, stayed in San Francisco where I had attended school, and built up a nice little business painting murals for schools, other business, and commissioned paintings. What happened to the gang? Well of course Rexy and Mace are married now, I was maid of honor. Rexy is a hairstylist hoping to one day open her own salon. Mace is Computer Technician at an Alarm System company, Nathan, if you can possibly believe me, is now living out his calling as a professional Photographer. I know, weird right? Aaron went on to stuffy architecture with Matt, though I'm not sure where either of them are now. We all live in San Francisco, not more than five hours from where we all became friends. I never thought I'd see Matt again. I was dead wrong.

"REXY!" I squealed, jumping up and down, doing my trademark victory dance. "I just got a HUGE commission for this major architecture, they want me to do two enormous murals, one on the executives floor and one for the lobby, isn't it AWESOME?" We hugged, bouncing around.

"That is so GREAT! How much are they paying you?"

"Loads, it's going to freakin' sweet!" I grinned, "Dude, where is your hubby and my bestest buddy Nathan?" I asked looking around Rexy's super cute apartment.

"Boy's night." Rexy rolled her eyes.

"Oh yeah, forgot." I flopped down on the love seat completely relaxed.

When are ever at ease?

Uhh.... Now!

You're fidgeting... your leg is bouncing, you're fingers are tapping.


So? You're not at ease.

Must you be right all the time?


I hate you....

Yes, yes, I think the entire world knows that by now.


"So when do you start?" Rexy said, plopping down beside. "Ugh I feel so fat!" She rubbed her belly looking ominous, I rolled my eyes.

"Friday. Eating chocolate cake much?" I grinned. "We're not teenagers anymore, Apple Dumplin'. Why don't you go running with me?" That's right, I've converted. That's right, I am no longer the seventeen year-old who hates laps and running with a passion. I run as frequently as three times a week now, on my favorite path in Golden Gate park.

"Bleh... unlike you I still hate running." She groaned, glaring over at me.

"Well, then it serves you right. Besides that you're not even fat. You don't even have a muffin top. You're still as scrawny and tall and emo kid as ever." I sniggered.

"Oh hahaha. Yeah, and you're still a sarcastic bitch, but who's counting. So tell me more about this super awesome job you've got."

"I'm meeting someone named Ms. Cher, she's the assistant of the exec. who hired me. The company's called Rochester & Duke, they're at the Walker building on 7th. They want be to do these huge landscapes of the first building the Chairman designed. A cute little cottage-style three story house for his wife I'm told. Ms. Cher is... enthusiastically knowledgeable." I chuckled, running a hand through my hair.

"Sounds like fun." Rexy smiled, "Now, are you ready to get your butt kicked at Soul Caliber?" Many things have changed over the years, but not our love for video games.

"The questioned isn't whether or not I'm ready, it's whether you're ready." I smirked.

Okay, so I know that I'm a simple person, with simple tastes. My tiny studio apartment, my friends, my pets... that's all I need. But HOLY SHIT is this place friggin' HUGE. I've been on this side of town sure, I mean I don't exactly live in the ghetto, but I don't think I've ever been in one of these buildings before. And my work, my paintings, are going to be displayed here? YAY ME AND MY ARTISTIC TALENT.



No need to sound suspicious... hehehe...

Then quit giggling and tell me!

Nothing, nothing... just something you forgot?

What did I forget?

Nothing of importance...

I don't have time for this. I walked to the reception desk in the lobby, asking for Ms. Cher and waiting, talking to one of the very pleasant receptionist ladies.

"Ms. Rosch." A very pretty, tall redheaded woman walked up in her clacking heals. "I'm Connie Cher, please feel free to call me Connie, I'll introduce you to Mr. Duke." She smiled warmly leading my to the elevators. Huh.... Duke...

"I'm meeting one of the partners?" I questioned curiously.

"Actually it's his son who hired you, he's the one your meeting." She lead me out of the elevator, passed the island of personal assistants to the farthest office at the end.

"Mr. Duke, Ms. Rosch here to see you." His back was turned to me, but he was tall, fairly muscular and young. His black hair was cropped short, but stylishly so, and he held himself with perfect posture.

"Hello." I said, unsure of what to do now that Ms. Cher had left.

"Hi!" He turned around with a wide grin while I stared, disbelieving, into his familiar gray eyes.

"AARON!" I squealed, jumping into his arms for an enormous bear hug. "Why didn't you tell me it was you?"

"Just to see the look on your face!" He grinned pulling away, looking me over. "God, you look great. Almost exactly as I remember. What happened to all the crazy colors in your hair? When did you decide to go all blonde?"

"Ah well, unfortunately in this world it's hard to get a job if your hair is blue, but never mind that!" I giggled, now looking at him, "Dude, did you seriously get taller?"

"Nah." Aaron said, but he was beaming.

"Oh, Rochester! The company your dad worked at, I remember now! When did he make partner?" I asked.

"Oh, you know, couple years ago now." He smiled. "How are you?"

"Absolutely fabulous! Did you know Mace and Rexy are married now?" I said dropping my bag unto the floor.

"I did here that! How is everyone doing?"

"Awesome, awesome. God I'm so excited to see you!" I said, messing his hair.

"Well, I heard from my mom, who heard from her sister, who heard from your dad that you had yourself a nice little painting business, so when Dad told be about the murals I immediately thought of you and had Connie call you up." He explained with a sly smile.

"Well I'm totally glad she did!" I laughed.

"Come on Adds, get your things, we'll all have lunch together!" He threw an arm around my shoulders.

"What do you mean 'we'll all'?" I questioned, looking up at him.

"Hey there Blondie." Hang on a sec... I know that voice... I twisted around so face I almost knocked Aaron off his feet... I know those smirking lips... I know those laughing sea green eyes... I know him.. And God I hate him.