.GOD. SERIOUSLY YOU GUYS?! This is it! This is the LAST chapter in the Addy/Matt SAGA. Alright, so it's not a saga, but it has come to an end! :(. No tears though! I've been working on something new and I'll post it soon, and you can tell me what you think! Kay? Sound good? Alright! LOVE YOU GUYS YOU'VE BEEN SO TOTALLY AMAZING!!
It's No Surprise
Summary: After breaking up, Addy Rosch 23, just as crazy, sarcastic and violent as ever, never thought she'd see Matt Silent, handsome and arrogant, again. Addy really should have known better, she discovered a long time ago how vindictive fate could be.

"Rexy, I love you, but chill!" I said, I mean really, what the heck is with pregnant woman and HORMONES?

"How can you be this CALM? You, Addy Rosch, the most positively easily stressed person in the world!"

"Because, Rexy my sweet, I have two very pregnant women to be stressed for me. I'm supposed to be happy today, can you not kill it for me!"

"Right, right sorry it's just..." OH GOD HERE COMES THE WATER WORKS. "My best--my best friend is--is-is getting MARRIED!"

"Yes, Rexy, I'm getting married, today is my wedding! So what I REALLY need you to do is pull it together, because I need you to walk down that isle for me as my Matron of Honor, and I need you to NOT be crying." I said, shoving her toward the tent door where we were all getting ready. Yes people, that's right. Infamous Addy Rosch is getting MARRIED. Scary thought isn't it? But when it comes to me and Matt, it was just a matter of time since the day we met. When we decided to get married both he and I wanted to go to a courthouse and not worry about it. But who should happen to overhear our plans? Well, none other than Matt's mother, who, of course, found the idea of her only son not having an actual wedding horrendous. I talked her down from a three-hundred and fifty guest wedding to a small ceremony on the beach, just family and close friends. Am I good or WHAT?


Be silent. After Macen escorted the various family members to there seats, he started to play his guitar. Nathan and Rexy were to be my Bride's people(The distinction being made for Nathan lack of female gender) and being so short, I managed to fit into the wedding dress my mother wore at fifteen. It was simple, and form-fitting. It was probably the only dress in the world I didn't mind wearing. Matt looked so good in his tux, and I mean so good. He was standing next to his sister and Aaron, smiling at me. And I know... the idea of him and I getting married, it must be suicide.

"You and I will NEVER be conventional. There will be fights, there will be times that I won't want to speak to you," I grinned, "But I know that first and foremost, there will be a lot of laughs. And fifty years from now, when we're both old and saggy, we wont remember the fights and irritation, we'll remember the laughs, the surprises, and the happiness. I know when I'm with you, I never have to be anything but myself, and you'll always be there, no matter what. So I, Adeline Cecile Rosch, take you, Matthew Riley Silent, to be my husband, now... and forever."

"When we first met, I knew from the moment I met those hazel eyes that there was something... different about you. You were wild and sarcastic and loud. But I loved it. You've never been afraid to be exactly who you are, never afraid to be honest, never afraid to say exactly how you feel. And yet you always keep me guessing, with you there's a surprise at every corner. I wouldn't spend the rest of my life with anyone else. I, Matthew Riley, take you, Adeline Cecile, to be my wife. Now and forever."

"You may now kiss the bride!"

Matt's full, lovely, wonderful lips met mine. Best. Day. EVER.