365 Degrees

A house I've seen Where green leaves with The season Called me one white night

If I waded any greater time The walk would close I wouldn't know how To find that place

So out I set My wet boots That I let trickle with The rain my cheek Couldn't stop Trudging against the weather They stamped A crunch of slush In a land of vice

The atmosphere battled An avalanche of hate I didn't want to relate to The cold

To tell you honest I was afraid and Fell A pure petal In a shoveled hell

Lost-bitten I lay For a year and a night As dead to the planet

As lead to the furnace You arced through The melee of self-spoken spirits Those snowflakes that froze me For my inadequate script Didn't end with them melting But me

There in the feet of it Lifting me lightly I found favour in feeling The slow thaw of life As it trickled my pain Trudging the way I knew Into a modern question

Not why or who But yes

You place your fingers Along my chest I realize

The clock takes note Of our hearts Sliding faster While you bear me up with A potential hand Pushing us packing the cumulus past Far beneath our soles

Dawn air flutters through This duo of songs And I warm Warm in your arms Armed with solidarity Daring the clouds to catch us

I witness you now Who have seen me for me And know that we Are home