A Little Too Much Of The Vino

Let us go together, you and I, to seek what is unfound
Over fondue fountainheads, through colanders of sound
Vaulting across banks so clear you could resist the urge
Electrified within us all to hasten to our dirge

I will lie to you, laying upon the ivy bed
And crown you one way with underwear
Unless, under duress, you break another lettuce
Head into this rusty salad red

Our despondent war is now compl├Ęte
Take off your crown and settle down
Your title set, paid for, and wet
With sound effect, I sneak a breath

Prelate, I pray, relate to me
Your every hastened moment free
Wherefore you sinned with spirit hand
A sprite eclipse left in the sand

Seven chasms lie between us, illuminating axed indents
My fault line found its dynamite, submerged within your vault
So swiftly spotlights spun themselves upon that evidence
Mete punishment, o hatchet mine - split prelate into salt!

Dark, unseen, with money green, the soulless seek to join
Endless tides of our own hides, while tidy, they purloin
All the desires we hid away with lightning in our groin
Trees become our unbecoming, as from them we each will hang
Here will fall the final curtain; feel the callous, metal fang

A mage in robes of blackest blue
Surveyed elusive channels through
The grapevine where the women wept
For carnal nations overslept

The cost of life is in your face
Your ticket, broomed in green belligerence
Filters through your sour purchase
Their wicked daughters laugh at your expense

With fallen eyes you would forget
The poison each concubine left
In noisy ceilings seldom swept
There kept unseen your soul bereft

Abandon the deathless music of your graveyard
Stand erect; beckon the lightning to breathe
Resonate your awakening and welcome transformation
Pull back the curtain, and sing loudly into the light

After pithy penguin plights, you conquered what was sought
No more would sorrow abdicate its throne so caref'lly wrought
Derision dared to rise on high to sink you to a low
Allied with fervent spirits nigh, you staved off further woe
Lonely were those untimed hours from whence your absence spurned
Liken now the prudent ways which keep you thus interned
Into realms of gaudy grapes your passions found you whole
Never to be seen again, lest repentance free your soul
Better are you for the pain that slit your conscience wide
Equal parts were then at war, but now they can abide
Tolerant, you stayed throughout your pond'rous escapade
Woven were your patient hands, that was most wisely played
Eyes have watched you all along, I must confess they're mine
Eleven verses house your quest
Now, look upon their spine