You were sitting in your favorite recliner chair in your living room watching a scary movie. Your parents are out for the night so you have the house to yourself. The sun just settled and the movie was getting scarier and scarier. After a steamy sex scene in the movie, you can feel the heat radiating from your pussy and every time you move just a little, you can feel the juices rubbing against your lips and you love the feeling. You've never touched yourself before, but always wanted to know how that felt so you sum up all of your courage and start moving your hand down past your breast, your belly and finally you're pulling your panties out of the way. As soon as you move your unsure hand over your lips, your cell phone rings. You got a text message. You immediately take your hand away and grab your phone, open the message and gasp. "Do it." You look at the number, who could this be? And what did it mean? It's an unknown number. You decide to reply. "Who is this?" You wait for the answer. Several minutes pass and still no reply so you decide to keep going with your explorations. This time, you start moving your index finger in between your lips, feeling the juices around your finger, you start to get hotter. You slide another finger in and the fresh juices slide between your fingers. With a little more exploration, you find your wet clit and start to rub it softly, realizing how good that feels, but as soon as you get started, your phone rings again. You pick it up with your other hand, leaving you fingers in your pussy, still rubbing your clit. "Do it harder." You automatically take your hand out of your wet panties and look around the living room. No one. Is someone actually watching you? Is it just your imagination running wild because of the scary movie you're watching? "Do I know you?" You reply. This time, you don't go back to touching yourself right away, you get up from the chair, check the doors, making sure they're locked, pull the blinds down, even though nobody could have seen what you were doing since you were covered in your blanket and turn the volume up on the TV. You check your phone again, but nothing. You wait a few minutes before doing anything. Then, it rings. "Come on, don't stop on my accord." You think you can outsmart the pervert so you shut your phone off and throw it on the couch. Everything's locked, and he can't see you anymore, so you feel safe. You get comfy again under your blanket, knowing he won't text you back. The movie is getting at its climax so the volume is really loud with all the shouting. Your hand wanders down you white cotton shirt and makes its way down to your pussy once more; it's still wet, but it lost some of its juices due to time. You start teasing your clit, sending pleasure shivers through your body. Without any hesitation this time, you slide one finger inside your pussy and start rubbing the sides, all the while, still playing with your clit. The harder you play, the more you can feel your walls tighten around your finger. You need more. You move your other hand down, but not before pinching your hard nipple. You moan to yourself. Now that both of your hands are down you panties, you move two fingers into your wet pussy and with your other hand; you keep the moving sensations on your clit. Why haven't you done this before? You think to yourself as you watch the movie and see person after person getting killed. Oddly, that turns you on even more. You rub harder, you go in deeper, and you move faster, you moan louder. Almost as soon as you start your rhythm, your walls get tighter and juices start to pour out of your pussy, leaving you in an orgasmic state. You moan even louder as you can feel you juices all over your hand and your thighs. "I love it when you moan." You jump up, removing your hands from your panties. You turn around, but there isn't anybody there. Was it the movie? You turn around again. "Ahh!" You start to yell as you notice the dark cloaked figure standing in front of your chair, leaning over you, sniffing the air around you. He leans in even closer and places his hand over your mouth, stopping your screaming, and with his other hand, quickly removes the blanket off of you with one sweep. Without any hesitation, he takes his free hand and rubs his palm over your underwear; making you feel you juices run against you still wet pussy. He then sniffs his hand, seeming to enjoy the smell. He pushes down the recliner and moves closer, separating your legs, letting him between them. You can feel his cock through his faded jeans, and without knowing why, you liked it, a lot. "Do you like that?" He whispers. Without waiting for your answer, even though his hand was over your mouth, he moves his legs over yours, closing them and puts his knees on the chair, leans in on your chest and pulls the lever back up, reclining the chair open. He then pushes the back of the chair, spreading it open like a bed. You can now feel his hot cock on top of your panties. He moves his head next to yours and whispers in your ear. "Will you moan for me?" He removes his hand from your mouth and starts kissing your ear, nibbling on the earlobe, and licking down to your neck and back up again. You don't want to moan, you don't want to admit that a stranger can make you feel this way. You keep your mouth shut, although you want to let him know that you like what he's doing. "Stop..." You manage to choke out between your teeth. You still have a little bit of common sense left. He's going to rape you. You hate this. You don't want this. Who is he? "You'll beg me to keep going." He moved one of his hands down to your panties and starts rubbing your wet pussy, making your juices mix between your lips. With his other hand, he starts crawling up your shirt, making its way to your breast. Twisting and pinching your hard nipple, you arch your back for more. "No!" You stop moving your hips back and forth with his pleasuring hand. You can't do this. He starts rubbing even harder. You look up at his face and see nothing but dark eyes and white smiling teeth. He leans down and kisses you. Forcing you to open part your lips, he starts exploring your mouth with his cold tongue. Seeing as he wasn't getting any action back, he starts nibbling on your lower lip. He then moves down to your neck, kissing, sucking and nibbling hard on it. You open your eyes again, noticing that the movie was almost over; you hoped that someone would hear your screams once the credits come on. You keep that in mind. His kissing moves down to your collar bone. He then takes your shirt in between his teeth and hand and rips it open, revealing your breasts to him. He looks at your face and smiles. His other hand started to move quicker on your drenched pussy. "Do you want more?" He asks, starting to part your panties to the side, exposing your pussy to his cold hand. "No." You whisper out, even though you wanted the opposite. "I knew you did." He takes two of his fingers and parts your lips and starts rubbing your clit with the tip of his fingers, making your body shake in pleasure. Making you cum almost instantly, you let your body ease into the chair, making all of your tense muscles relax. He then gets back to kissing your upper body, moving down to your naked breast. He kisses around the nipple at first, teasing it with his tongue every now and then. His fingers stop playing with your clit, and you notice it. You look down at him, wondering why he stopped. He smiles up at you; bearing his two sharp fangs at you. He's a vampire? He's going to kill you. You were getting ready to scream your lungs out when you felt a stab of pain mixed with pleasure on your breast as he bit you. You look down at the trickling blood line on your breast and your eyes open even wider and you observe him drinking the blood from the wound. You should freak out. It should hurt. But it feels so good. You want him to drink your blood. You want him to pleasure you. Surprisingly, the wound heals quickly and he's back to rubbing your pussy and kissing your breast. You arch your body into his. You want him to stop this nonsense and get his hard cock into your yearning pussy. As your body hits his, he lets out a chuckle. He moves his hand away from your pussy. You look down. Is he going to listen to your body? He has his wet hand under his nose. He then puts two of his fingers in his mouth and bites down on the tip of his fingers. He then removes his bleeding fingers and moves them to your lips. You can smell you juices on his fingers. You can smell his blood. You can taste it. You want it in your mouth. He agrees. He slowly slips his fingers between your lips and you start to play with them with your tongue, sucking the blood from his small wounds, wishing you could have more. While you were enjoying your new found obsession, he took his jeans off and rested his hard cock on your pussy, moving up and down, moisturizing himself with your juices. He pulls his fingers away from your sucking mouth and rubs them down your lips, chin, neck, and down to the wound that he caused earlier. "Bite it." You surprised yourself as you commanded him to bite you. He listened. He bent down and bit the wound hard. You moan in pleasure. You want more. "Fuck me!" You yell out at him. "I told you you'd want it." He chuckled and then used his legs to spread yours apart. He moved his cock close to your pussy and started rubbing against it, harder and harder as every second ticked by in pleasure from his intimate touch. Teasing you. With his mouth still on the wound, he moves his hand to your other breast and starts pinching your nipple. He then stopped sucking, moved his mouth to your other breast and bit down. You moan, arching your body into his. With your free hand, you grab his other hand, the one you were sucking on, and bring it to your mouth. As you open your mouth, you feel your two fangs slide down. Smiling, you bite down on his wrist and start to bask in his fresh blood. You let it drip on your face, your neck, you chest, letting it make its way down to his mouth. He moans as his blood starts to mix with yours. You let his arm go as you start rubbing the blood all over your body. Rubbing down your breasts, your ribs, abdomen and then to your pussy. You start to rub the blood in with your juices as you tease your clit and take his cock in your hand, thrusting it against yourself. He's resisting. "Not now." He whispers. You can't wait. With your new found strength, you grab his strong shoulders and flip his body over and then under yours. You're in command now. You start rocking your body on his, making him moan. He moves his hands up your body but you grab them and buckle them down behind his head with one hand. You move your mouth down his neck, nibbling here and there, leaving your mark. You make you way down his bare chest, lightly biting his nipples. You move down a little lower to his six pack and bite down harder, making blood pour out. You gladly lick it up. Still rocking yourself on his cock, you decide you've been waiting long enough. You move your pussy down on his cock and he thrusts himself inside you, ripping your pussy, making your lips bleed for him. Ignoring your slight pain, you move up and down, producing more juice. You moan. He moans. You can hear the stupid girls scream their lungs out on the TV. You moan louder. You hear the knife slicing. You move faster. You hear the bodies fall limp on the floor. You cum as you feel his juices burst inside of you. Without removing your pussy, you let your body rest on his chest and his heavy breathing soothes your pounding heart. After a few minutes, he removes you off him, dresses himself and picks up your weak body in his strong arms. He starts to walk back from where he came in from. You look behind you at your living room and notice the end credits are rolling on the TV. You smile in satisfaction, knowing you will star in your own horror movie.