Chapter 1

The Pirate Inn

It was a stormy day, that night on March 15, 1761.

The inn keeper of the Pirate inn walked to the fire place with a bowl of the world's famous pirate soup. He finished the soup in five quick bites. The inn keeper grabbed his book about The Legend of Volcano Island, while lighting his pipe. The first couple of chapters talked about the making of the island, until it he got to the section about the treasure. It said:

"On the island, people say that there was a treasure that can make any person's dream a reality. Many people have died looking for it and the island. The treasure is said to be hidden in the active volcano. The volcano is only inactive when the artificial sun is shining on the mouth of it."

He finished the chapter with astonishment. He read on to the next chapter:

"Another legend about the island is the boy of fire. When his original father and is mother (who he still has) went on their honey moon. Their ship was caught in The Sea of Storms, and the ship sank into the bottom of the sea moving back and forth. The ship fell through a force field under water and onto a little beach that circles the island. The lava Indians killed everyone on the crew except for the mother. After five years the woman had her baby, who they call Flame Thrower. When he was six, his father (the lava Indian) found him by the Lava Lake forming the lava in the air into new shapes. Ever since, he's been training with the other person like him. People say that the reason winter turns into spring is he fuses into the volcano. Then, a big blast of molten lava shot out of the volcano into the atmosphere, and making the sun glow brighter. It then starts to melt the snow."

The inn keeper sat down his book, gave yawn, and fell to sleep.

He dreamt of himself riding on a pirate ship. The ship sailed into the sea as it was getting darker. Then, out of nowhere, a huge hurricane struck the ship in half. It sank and sank until the ship smacked against something hard. The inn keeper fell from the ship and landed on a small beach. Walking to the shore, he passed out.

"Wake up! Wake up!"

He woke up with a scream. Standing above him was Red Beard clutching his gun.

"Don't shoot me," he screamed.

Red Beard nodded and walked away, throwing a note at the inn keeper. The inn keeper unfolded it. The note said:

If Black Beard comes here, do not tell him I'm out. Tell him I'm at the Pirate Buffet.


Red Beard

He folded it back together saying to himself, "Okay." The day went by like a normal day. Black Beard didn't come to the inn.

The inn keeper made himself dinner, and he sat by the fireplace, again.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

The inn keeper shot up in the air with startlement. He got out of his chair walking to the door.

"Open this door."

"I'm coming, I'm coming" he said.

The inn keeper went into his old and ragged pocket and pulled out the keys.

"I said open this door."

"I'm trying," said the inn Keeper staggering to find the right key. The door opened with a loud crashing, bang!

Before him was Black Beard. He had his hand on the hilt of his gun beside his waist. He was face was wet and rain was pouring on him. He took a step into the inn pulling out his gun half way. The inn keeper stepped to the chair behind him.

"Are… Are you who they call Black Beard?" asked the inn keeper letting tears slide down his cheek.

"Yes… Yes I am," said Black Beard. He walked to the inn keeper in a slow and steady pace. When his face was close to the inn keeper he pulled out his gun and aimed it at the inn keeper's stomach.

"I'm going to ask you once, and only once. Tell me were Red Beard is or I could just kill you instantly?" asked Black Beard.

"He's not here." said the inn keeper.

"Where is he?"

"He's at the Pirate Buffet."

Black Beard took his hand off of the handle grip of his gun, which had blood stains on it. He took his hand and pointed at the inn keeper's forehead.

"If you're lying… This is where I'll shot you. So, you better be telling the truth."

He walked out of the inn, slamming the door behind him.

The inn keeper was frozen in his tracks. He could barely breathe at the thought of dieing.

Oh no, what if Black Beard finds out I'm lying to him? What will he do to me? Wait, I don't need to worry about anything. Red beard said that he wouldn't do anything to me. At least I think he did. All I remember was that he told me not to tell Black Beard where he was. He thought.

Right then the inn keeper fainted.

He was just laying there for about three to four min. He got up, and he quickly ran to his room and started packing his suitcase.

Black Beard walked to the Pirate Buffet. He stepped to the entrance of the buffet and slammed the door open, like he usually does.

"May I help you?" said the waiter.

"Yes I'm here to see Red Beard." said Black Beard. He looked around the room searching for him.

The waiter checked the list of people on the waiting list. He checked the list again to make sure he didn't skip any names.

"Sorry there is no Red Beard here."

"Oh… Okay. Thank you for your time," said Black Beard.

He walked out of the buffet lifting his gun toward the ceiling. He pulled the trigger and shot the ceiling. Everyone in the buffet screamed and hid under the tables.

Meanwhile the inn keeper opened the door and saw Black Beard with his gun aimed at his head.

"Where is Red Beard?!" said Black Beard screaming at the inn keeper.

"I-I don't know." said the inn keeper nervously.

"Now, I'll ask you one more time where is Red Beard?"

"He-he's I don't know."

Black Beard was about to pull the trigger when he heard a voice behind him.

"If you kill him, I'll kill you also," said a police officer.

Black Beard placed his hand on the handle grip of his other gun. He then lifted it to the police officer. The inn keeper ducked under Black Beard's gun and ran out the door.

Black Beard saw him and as fast as he could shot the inn keeper and police officer with both of his guns.

The inn keeper flew into the air yelling at the top of his lungs. When he finally made it to the ground his clothing was on top of him. He tried moving away from the inn. Turning around he saw Black Beard walking to him. Black Beard shot the inn keeper again in his back. He screamed again this time even louder than before. The inn keeper struggled to crawl away from Black Beard.

"Why won't you die?!" yelled Black Beard. He lifted his gun and aimed it at the inn keeper's head.

The inn keeper turned onto his back looking into the eyes of Black Beard.

"What… What are you going to do to me?" asked the inn keeper.

"Kill you once and for all!" Black Beard shot the inn keeper in his heart. He spat out blood from his mouth. Still looking at the person who killed him, he died.

"Thank heavens he gone," said Black Beard looking at the sky.

He walked back into the inn and watching the police officer to make sure he was also dead. The police officer turned on to his back, trying to lift his gun. Black Beard turned around shacking his head.

"You could have lived if you didn't move."

He lifted his gun and shot the police officer in his chest.

Black Beard walked to the beginning of the stair case. He walked and walked up a second flight of stairs.


He turned around to see the face of a kid holding a gun aimed at Black Beard.

"While anyone leave me alone?!" he said to the child.

Black Beard shot at the floor next to the kid making him scream down the stairs. Black Beard continued to walk up the last flight of stairs where there was only one room. Room #21 was in front of him. He pulled out a note that read:

Room # 21

Black Beard placed the note back into his pocket. He placed his hand on the door knob, but the door wouldn't budge. He pulled and pulled, but it still wouldn't open.

"OPEN!" he screamed tugging the door with all his might.

The door flew out of the hinges landing at the bottom of the steps. Black Beard gave a sigh of relief.

He walked into the room with amassment. He saw old paintings of famous pirates like Legless Joe and Blinded Wily. Also there was a king sized bed with a heater under the mattress. There was a silver lined bathroom with a hot tube made of marble tiles. Next to the bed was an old busted chest. It still had a strong lock on it that was the shape of a volcano. The lock had a hole in the center of it where a key would fit.

Black Beard shot the lock sending a spark of flames fling out. He quickly ducked from the bullet that was shot across the room going through the ceiling.

Blast it! Why won't it break?! My gun is the best pistol ever made. I should have at least of made a dent in it. Arrgh! Dumb lock, you are supposed to open for me, so I can get the treasure map. He thought.

Black Beard walked out of the room, while placing a note on Red Beard's bed.

He left the inn without looking back.

Red Beard came out from the distant fog that was building up outside. He just came back after giving Snake the map to Volcano Island. He walked until he found the inn keeper on the ground.

What happened here? Who killed the inn keeper? Black Beard! He thought.

Walking farther he saw the police officer, also on the ground.

Red Beard walked into the inn and up the flight of stairs all the way to his room. He looked up at the ceiling and saw the bullet hole. He walked over to his bed and sat down. He found a note lying on his pillow. It said:

Meet me at the Sea Queen tonight at 12:00 sharp and bring that blasting MAP!!

Red Beard got up and went into his bathroom to clean off his face.

"Where is the guy with the black beard? He almost killed me."

Red Beard turned around to see a boy with a gun in his hand. Red Beard took out his gun and shot the boy an inch from his foot. The boy ran out of the room and out of the inn yelling for the police.

"Dumb children," he whispered.

Red Beard walked towards the busted chest and said, "Anyone who opens this chest shall die."

With a couple of clicks, a secret compartment opened. The compartment revealed the key to open the lock.

Red Beard took the key and opened the chest. Inside were 20 types of guns, $1,000, rare bones from his voyages to islands, two long swords sharpened that when pocked, it felt like 200 needles were being poked into you, and some packaged food.

He took the food and stuffed it into another chest that was smaller than the other one. He also grabbed five pistols and one of his swords.

Red Beard realized that now that the inn keeper was dead so who will watch his things when he is gone. Therefore, he decided to pack all his things. He grabbed everything in his closet, his bathroom supplies, and his busted old chest.

Red Beard walked out of the inn calling for a cab.

The cab came by and Red Beard placed his things in the cab while walking into the cab.

"Where would you like to go?"

Red Beard jumped, bonked his head onto the roof of the cab, and fell on the floor.

"Sir, are you alright?"

Red Beard soon realized that the cab driver was talking to him.

"Sir, are you alright?!" said the cab driver getting irritated.

Red Beard ignored the driver and was trying to figure out what was going on.

"SIR, ARE YOU ALRIGHT?!!" yelled the cab driver at the top at his lungs.

Again Red Beard jumped smacking his head on the roof.

"Don't you ever talk to me in that tone, AGAIN!!!" screamed Red Beard pulling out his gun and aiming it at the driver's temple.

"Sorry about that. All I wanted to know was where you need to go," said the driver.

"No, I'm the one who should be sorry. I'm the one who ignored you in the first place. Anyway, I would like to go to the 'Snake's Den."

"The what?" asked the cab driver confused.

"Never mind, just take me to 100 Snake Ave."

"About time," mumbled the driver.

"What was that?"

"Um… Nothing, I just said that I will take you there."

"Good," said Red Beard as the cab drove away.

Chapter 2

Part 1

The Dock

10:00, that's what time it was when Black Beard pulled into the parking lot by the dock. He locked the car door to his automobile. Walking to the guard that blocked the entrance, he crawled under.


Black Beard's head smashed against a long stick of wood. He fell to the ground unconscious

"You thought you could sneak in unnoticed. Didn't you?" said the guard bending down closer to Black Beard.

The guard looked at Black Beard's face.

He saw a tan colored face, a black colored beard, short black hair, and… Oh no! The guard saw green eyes staring straight at him. Black Beard was awake.

Chapter 3

Part 2

The Dock

Black Beard stared at the guard forming his right hand into a fist. He lifted his fist in the air. He then smashed the guard's nose. Blood flew everywhere.

The guard stumbled back a few feet, dropping his wooden stick, and covered his nose. Tears formed in the guard's eyes. He pulled his hands from his nose. Covered in blood, he saw little drips of blood falling to the ground. Shocked, the guard stood there looking. Two minutes pasted, when the guard realized he was bleeding.

"Shit! Shit! Shit! That hurt like hell. What did you do that for you idiot?

Black Beard looked at the wooden dock. While his hands forming into a fist, getting tightened every second. His eyes were a blaze. Staring. Staring harder than he ever stared before.

"You are so stupid some times. Hold on, make that all the time," laughed the guard

"NOOOO ONE CALLS BLACK BEARD STUPID, EXPECIALLY A PERSON LIKE YOU!!!!" Black Beard yelled, grinding his teeth.

Black Beard turned around looking at the end of the dock.

10 yard away. That's not so good. Black Beard was hoping it would be, at the least, five yards away.

Oh well, I'll just have to work with what I have, thought Black Beard.

He set each hand on one of his two pistols. Tightening his hands, he got ready to fire.

"Make another move and I'll have no choice but to kill you," said the guard lifting out his own pistol.

Black Beard took a step back.

"I'm warning you," said the guard tightening his grip and getting ready to pull the trigger.

Black Beard took another step, then another, then another until he started to run backwards.

"I warned you to stay still," the guard said while aiming. Ready to fire, he…

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The guard took a step back with every blow he got.

Who's shooting me, thought the guard still getting shot?

Looking up he saw that it was… BLACK BEARD! He was shooting him.

Black Beard saw that the guard was aiming his gun at his fore head.

Trying to think of what to do, he pulled out his own two guns and started firing at the guard.

He made bullet after bullet come out until he had none left. All in all, he shot at least about twenty bullets.

Black Beard stopped running, taking a thirty second rest. He moved his head to see how far he ran.

Seven yards. Not bad, not bad at all, he said in his head.

Black Beard stood up to look at the guard.

Oh great, another bad thing that has to happen today. First off, the dock had to be ten yards away, and now the guard isn't hurt after firing twenty bullets into his chest, Black Beard thought.

"It's funny isn't it?"

"What's funny?"

"The fact that you thought you could kill me. Then think again," the guard said snickering.

"I don't get it," mumbled Black Beard.

"Of course you don't get it," he started to explain while he ripped open his shirt.

Beneath his shirt was a dark, black vest that covered his entire body, from the bottom of his neck to the beginning of his pants.

Black Beard stared with aw. He didn't no what it was. He has never seen anything like it.

"Don't know what it is? It's obvious you don't since you're a complete moron. I'll start going into the details. First of all, it's called a bullet proof vest. What it does is it protects my body from bullets. And no, it's not in stores. Only police officers, guards, security guards, etc get to have one."

Then why did the police officer not have one. Hold on, that wasn't a police officer after all, it was just a normal person trying to protect the inn keeper. Then where did he get the suit from. Oh, who cares?

"Now it's my turn to do the shooting," laughed the guard pulling out his shotgun.

Black Beard's eyes opened wide. He knew he was in trouble. Turning around he started running.

The guard cocked his shotgun. Aiming at the target, he fired the first round. Close, it shot an inch away from Black Beard's left foot. He fired the second round, this time being a half an inch away from Black Beard's waist. The guard saw that Black Beard stopped running.

He has nowhere else to run, the guard concluded in his mind.

The guard fired the third and final round. The bullet shot through, penetrating, Black Beard's right shoulder.

Black Beard raced toward the end of the dock, readying himself to dive into the cold, deep water. He heard the shotgun being fired. It just barely missed his left foot by an inch. The shotgun fired again, just missing his waist by a half an inch. Black Beard made it to the end of the dock. He jumped into the air, when finally hearing the last round for the shotgun.

I'm going to make. I'm going to make it, thought Black Beard.

Midway in the air, his right shoulder got shot. Not willing to give up so easy, he dove into the water, taking a deep breath.

The guard walked to the edge of the dock. Two minutes past since Black Beard dove into the water. Think that Black Beard should be dead by now, after holding his breath for so long, he aimed his shotgun at the water.

"Just to make sure."

Black Beard stayed in the water for; about two minutes, Black Beard thought.

He looked up at the end of the dock. He saw that the guard wasn't so satisfied with the fact that Black Beard is dead. The shotgun was aimed at the water.

Closing eyes, he waited. The shotgun fired, skimming his opposite shoulder. He winced with pain.

A fully grown, male sand shark swam its way to the scent of blood. The scent got stronger as it went closer to the surface.

The shark stopped in its tracks. It smelled a big pile of blood just inches away. Mouth opened wide, it swam toward the scent.

Getting ready to have dinner, when something pierced the shark's eye. Something hard and long. The shark swam away from its meal in pain.

Black Beard swam towards his ship dodging ropes and other ships along the way. His body dieing for air, he tried to resist the pain. He knew if he tried to take a breath, the guard would spot him for sure.

He made it to his ship swimming to the surface. Taking slow and steady breathes; he climbed the rope leading to the front of his ship. Ignoring the pain from both his shoulders he made it to the top of his ship.

After he had fired his shot to the water, the guard closed his eyes while shaking his head.

Imbecile! This wouldn't have happened if he just stood where he was. But I'm still surprised he actually dove into the water and held his breath for two whole minutes, all while felling the pain of his damaged shoulder. He's crazy; lunatic, more likely, thought the guard.

Shaking his head, letting the hat he was wearing fall into the water. The guard bent down, picked up his hat from the water, slapped it on his head, and walked back to his post.

He sat on his chair and fell asleep after taking a bite of his jelly filled donut.

Chapter 4 The Sea Queen

Black Beard pulled himself up off of the deck of his ship, The Sea Queen. He glanced at his surroundings, feeling dizzy after losing so much blood.

To his right he saw the front of the ship, with the statue of a lovely mermaid with a sword in her hand. On his left side, Black Beard saw the Captain's Quarters, the wheel that controlled the direction of the ship, and the Crew's Quarters.

Black Beard shook his head and clumsily walked down the stairs that lead to the Crew's Quarters, and also the kitchen. He went down the stairs in pain as he finally made it to the kitchen. He got himself a towel and wrapped it around his wounded shoulder. Satisfied with the bandage, Black Beard grabbed small glass and a bottle of the ship's finest rum.

He walked toward the table and sat down, pouring himself a glass of rum. He drank it all, and he poured some more. By the time he was done with his fifth glass, he placed the top back on.

"Mind if I join you, Black Beard."

Black Beard looked toward the kitchen doorway and saw his right hand woman Beauty. She had long hair, the color brown, that reached as far as her shoulders. She had a small mouth and thin eyebrows. She had few freckles on her face and showed a great deal of courage.

"Yes, go right ahead, Beauty," he replied.

"Thank you," Beauty said as she sat down across from Black Beard.