Beware Of Women Baring All

I came upon a naked woman
Who did not run away
She barely hid amidst a willow
And giggled, half-displayed

This confused me

Those white eyes stared me down and up
But wait, is she not blind
Her vision must be coloured some
She's covered her behind

I think. It's hard to say

As I draw near, she sees me blush
This simply isn't right
It should be her with reddened cheeks
Not me, to her delight

Why pick that tree

Colourblind, would I be stripped
Of relishing her hair
Or is that process so inversed
As she is hidden there

Oh! Look how the boughs sway

Closer still, I cast aside
The branches weeping wet
No longer feeling comfortable
My eyes cross quite upset

Ah! I can't see

I fell within the half-nude trap
And now know why the tree outcries
What was exposed, I won't forget
That tempting nakedness belies

It's a stupid painting, anyway