A/N: Okay, I wrote this out of random inspiration from the Halloween costume I just got. I'll explain more at the end. (It's a one-shot, by the way.)

I stared into the mirror, hardly believing the girl staring back at me was actually me. The navy dress I was wearing completely changed me; I was normally an average-looking girl with mousey hair. But in this dress, this glorious satin dress, I looked as close to nobility as I would ever appear.

The dress itself was a masterpiece: Navy satin made up the main part of the sleeves and the outside of the skirt. Golden swirls adorned the cuffs of the sleeves and the bodice, both trimmed in golden ribbon. A swath of black silk created the underskirt, only a triangle of it showing in the front. There was also black satin on the shoulders, a navy-and-golden-swirl band holding it to the navy part of the sleeve. The little black satin puffs looked like clouds even though they were black. The sleeves belled out and were longer on the bottom than the top, giving them an elegant look.

I twirled once, picking up the skirt in one hand as I did. The dress billowed out gracefully and resettled with a shimmery swish of fabric that made different colors jump across the satin like colors ripple over water as the sun sets. I let the skirt fall from my hand and settle with a quiet rustle. The dress was truly glorious; how could I not want it?

I could see myself amongst others in outfits as glorious as mine, all in vivid greens or purples or blues; colors of expression, not sadness or anger. Pretty, lively colors. Colors that were eye-catching. I would dance with fine young men, and they would all tell me how pretty the dress made me look, how well it went with my sapphire eyes.

I closed my eyes for a moment, allowing myself to get lost in the fantasy world I had just created. A sharp, shrill, demanding voice broke into my daydream: "Are you finished yet? I want to get out of this stupid costume shop!"

I opened my eyes and looked at the girl in the mirror again; her eyes were sad, no longer brimming with hope and excitement. Sighing quietly, I pulled the Renaissance dress over my head and hung it back on the hook, placing all hopes of being the girl in my daydream with it.

A/N (continued) : I'm going to a Renaissance fair next weekend and just got the dress I'm wearing; it looks like the one I described, only it's made of velvet.

I don't know who the girl I was writing about is, nor why she was in a costume shop. She doesn't even have a name. XP I just started typing.

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