Really Bad Day By Jay McFadden Parody of Bad Day

(Parody #40)

'Member the moment you cut off your toes?
Then later that evening, the tragical loss?
You tell me your life's in disarray.
Your neighbor made your dog a souffle.
And all I hear is ramblin' on.

You hit a pipe line and you made it explode.
Then after a while you find that you're aglow.
You fell down and fractured half your spine.
I guess that you're not exactly fine.
But all I hear is ramblin' on.

I guess you had a bad day.
It's all over now.
So what if bad prongs spread a fire around?
Pretend it's red snow.
No reason to cry.
I can't see you smile when you're burnin' alive.
You had a bad day.
I'm sure you won't die.
It's not like you'll drown in your liquified hide.
You had a bad day.
Oh, what can I say?

And now that you've survived all this way.
The thought that you might die fades away.
But then you see an atom bomb.

You had a bad day.
No reason to frown.
There's nothing so wrong with a nuke in the town.
And after it's blown.
Pretend you can fly.
If you're not a pile of ashes in the sky.
You had a bad day.
So what if you're blind?
This stuff's got you down and I'm not to sure why.
You had a bad day...

(Ooh... a deplorible day...)

Well, your misfortune gets me to think.
That you might have it something strong.
Your luck seems kind of lacked, so you know.
Guess I could be a little wrong.
But I'm not wrong. (Yeaahhh...)

You run out of rations and you end up a ghost.
Oh, what a crime.
You're down on your knees with the magical boss...

Look, you had a bad day.
Just turn it around.
You've got to stay strong when they're sending you down.
Just go with the flow.
Look on the bright side.
You'll be more agile with your feet getting fried.
You had a bad day.
You see what you like.
That sauna must feel oh so sublime.
You had a bad day.
A really bad day.

(Oh, yeah, yeaaah, yeah)
What a bad day.
(Oh, had a bad day) Really bad day.
(Oh, yeah, yeah, yeeeeah)
Such a bad day.
(Oh, had a bad day) Kinda bad day... Really bad day...

(Note: I just couldn't top that first chorus...)