i don't even know if i should call you a friend,

what have you done for me?

i've done so much for you,

given you so many chances,


i know i've been a selfish fool,

but all i want is for someone to care for me,

all you ever do is think about you,

you never wanted me,


you're just using me,

and then abusing me,

you think that i will come around again?

you're mistaken,


i'm sick,

and tired of this happening to me,


and you hurt the worse,


i'm not a doormat,

i'm a person,

stop treating me like i'm just a something,

i'm not always going to be here,


i don't know what i saw in you,

i'm sick of you,

i hate you,

i loathe you,


don't come near me,

i swear that i will scream if you touch me,

don't even try anything cute,

i swear i'll throw up,


you want something familiar?

(i'll give you something familiar...)

you don't want this,

don't hold onto me,

don't even wait for me,


i don't want to be even close to you,

move away,

you've hurt me deeper than you ever could,

you disgust me,


i've known you all my life,

how could you betray me like that?

go back on the trust i had for you?

i have no respect for you,


get out of my life,

i never want to see you again,

i won't miss you,

you're everything i don't want.