once upon a feral moonrise we tore out our
hearts and replaced them with records full of
the music we used to dance to

you kissed the stars like they were old friends and
we talked of rebellion and confusion as we
died and our hearts slowed until the music became

fell in love with the idea of miracles but we
didn't know what they looked like so we cut open
our wrists and drained our souls of innocence while
we waited for the sun to shine over
cinder block cities where miracles are said to

always broadcast about kids like us doing things
we don't know have consequences but they
don't showcase the stories the same as
the ones where people do big things and fall apart

and so we decided to go away to another
place where we could be different people and
maybe pretend to be happy for once

moved to the edge of the world and drank
salt water until it drowned us and we had
nothing to go back to

hospitals laid out on large properties with
blank hallways and translucent thoughts waited
in those big cities for when we came back
in all kinds of pieces after a fight with
the gods

ashen faces from taking things we didn't know and
swallowing fear until we choked

washed the dust from our hands as we scattered in
directions we only knew as north and south while
trying to hold ourselves together from
falling again

and then the music slowed and slowed and
we were lying there on street corners while we
tried to remember how we got there