Detergent For A Neck Romancer

There are some words that I despise
But paramount of these is
Because it is the grandest lie
Told by an entertainer of emotion
Card tricks produced through one special suit

Once your tongue retreats
Even you can't comprehend
The word you blurted
But you can't realize that
In your current superiority

Why must I shake to think about it
It's just a word
I never heard a word with power in it
(Except never)

See how it infects me

The lesser knights and knives of these are
Always and
Rhyming as if they were the heart
Of Never

They are used not to confuse
But debut oft in pleasure
That is opposed to never which cannot
Cherish a smile

It is scorn
A horn of doomsday to a coursing ignorant

If there is in it to be belief
Why won't it leave me be
I'm a roundabout horse
Hammered with hooves long since worn

I am porn saddled with wet circles
Exposed to no one but myself
Forever flailing against the hip-high grass
Of my broken record heart
That is my art

From any sense that can be made
For I will always never find forever

The spin cycle of my brain continues
As I beg for my floppy ears
To be yanked out of that black hole hat