In Defense Of Mighty Morality

Author's Note: We were reading Lord Of The Flies and my English teacher posed the question.
Which is more important morality or government? No this was not an essay. It was suppose to be a journal entry… but it's kind of more than that. These are my raw thoughts and if you want to read a beautifully written essay go read some of my other works, because you won't find that here.
I think that the moral values and the code of ones moral standings are more important, because right and wrong are the basis of all decisions. In order to survive you can't do it collectively. There is no moral way to live collectively or rather there is no such thing as collective surviving. Even if there was it's called an individual playing ones proper role or doing his or her job in society. WITHOUT a moral code one can't possibly know how to survive. They won't actually be thinking, but instead he will be society's toy. He will be pushed around by the government letting all their regulations influence him, no matter right or wrong. All the government should do is make sure ones basic rights are granted and it's not their job to police peoples trade or to force them into doing anything, E.G. Prezbo and his healthcare plans. However, the government is still important, that is a baisic one. I'm a capitalist, so as little government interference would be good, and their only real job is to keep order by way of moral values, and rationality. A good government system really requires good moral values in everyone and how everyone really looks at things. Without reason and logic and moral values no one will survive. The few great inventors, out there, would ultimately disappear and now, you are left with a bunch of idiots ruling one another.