Total War Justification

Author's note: This is not what I think, it's the leftest's theory, mostly the far left and the very far Ffashest right.
Total war can certainly be justified however not very rationally. The two philosophers Immanuel Kant and Karl Marx's philosophies justifies the total war. They are the philosophers who led these nations in to total war.

Earlier Plato who is the founder of all conceptual knowledge of all mystical philosophies and the one who influenced Kant, encouraged a look at the world utilizing mystical beliefs. He believed in trust and faith. One should rely on faith and believe that the people in charge knows what they are doing even if they do not. You must rely on their judgement and turn your head the other way if they do something you do not like. You can't question them in anyway, because they are the authority, you must believe. Plato came up with a system of explaining this, which he elaborates upon in his book The Republic. Many countries took his ideas in to practice, and one of these was germany.

German People were taught that fuehrer Adolf Hitler knew what he was doing and everyone was to obey him. They were told to do what he asked, and support him. If one was unhappy in doing this, they must remember that Kant explained that it was their duty to sacrifice themselves and their happiness for the sake of the other's happiness, because he wasn't the only man in this world. Therefore, he must realize how small he was compared to the collective and yield. He must not hog all the happiness, but share it with his brothers so they could have it too. Marx built on this saying that your country was more important and you must sacrifice your happiness for the sake of the country.

"From Each According To His ability, to each According To his needs." Karl Marx
Russia and China were too busy obeying this slogan. Every soviet and every Chinese student were taught to strictly live by it. It was always because comrade Stalin or earlier comrade Lenin said it was good for the community in Russia. In China it was Comrade Mao or later comrade Deng said it was good for China. One must sacrifice to the community. Citizens must learn to take only what one needs and that's the limit, because there was other men in the world along with him. How could one individual be important? He was only one man. He was no importance to anybody. He was one man and should never put himself first. One should not forget about his poor brother who's in need and is in a pitiful state. Don't be greedy, selfish, and self sufficient! Give back to the community, since you were granted this money and did not earn it at all! Give to the less fortunate. Slow your success down for the sake of slow poor people. Who cares if you earned it. They weren't impacted by Kant as much, however, they had Marx and he was enough.

These countries went to war because of these justifications. They had to fight and die for their country, and they had to kill others for their country's good. Russia wanted to expand because of communism. Germany Wanted to rule and do it for their good. It was the job of each country's military to fight and to kill all the people in the other countries to gain domination. They couldn't know why, but had to wipe everyone out for the good of their own country.

This is the justification for total war. This is the justification for world war I and world war II. This is the justification for almost every war fought on Europes part. This is the justification for religious wars. This is the justification for most religious mystic. The Nazis did it because of Nationalism highly influenced by Hegel and Marx for some of the same reasons. Now, if you look closely enough, we do it ourselves, for example within religions, and I think it is unfortunate.